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PB21 Calex TEMPERATURE SENSOR, -20+C TO 500+C, 2:1; Supply Voltage:12VDC; Sensing Temperature Min:-20 C; Sensing Temperature Max:+500 C; Response Time:240ms; Operating Temperature Min:0 C; Operating Temperature Max:70 C; Analogue Outputs:- ;RoHS Compliant: Yes from $229.00 (Aug 2016) Newark element14 Buy
PB210 Thomas & Betts PK PB210 BASE PANEL MOUNT, BASE PANEL MOUNT from $36.59 (Aug 2016) Newark element14 Buy
PB210 THOMAS & BETTS BASE PANEL MOUNT from $38.21 (Aug 2016) Sager Buy
PB2110T Pulse Electronics Power Transformer 1:0.68:0.68 Dual Prim. Single Sec. 18V/36V/12V Prim. 12V Sec. Surface Mount - Tape and Reel (Alt: PB2110T) (Sep 2016) Avnet Buy
PB2115NLT Pulse Electronics XFRMR 3.3V 10W 25.2UH POE EP10 from $1.8135 (Sep 2016) Digi-Key Buy
PB2115NLT Pulse Electronics Power Transformers TRANSFORMER (Aug 2016) Mouser Electronics Buy
PB2115NLT Pulse Electronics Switching Transformer 1:0.1:0.15 0.25Ohm/0.02Ohm Prim. DCR 0.00325Ohm Sec. DCR 10W 8Term. Gull Wing SMD (Aug 2016) Sager Buy
PB2118 Pulse Electronics Coupled Inductor (Aug 2016) Sager Buy
PB2118T Pulse Electronics Coupled Inductor (Aug 2016) Sager Buy
PB212.L 1,5 LG PB Swiss Tools Allen key Size: 1.5 Colour: light green 6 from €4.42 (Aug 2016) Distrelec Buy
PB2124 ARMACO - 3 (Aug 2016) Onlinecomponentscom Buy
PB2130UL100A TDK Audio Indicator Buzzer Piezo 20mA Wire Lead 4Vdc 2500Hz to 4100Hz Panel Mount - Bulk (Alt: PB2130UL100A) from $1.9406 (Sep 2016) Avnet Buy
PB2130UL100A TDK B5 PRODUCT BULK (Aug 2016) Newark element14 Buy
PB2130UP002A TDK Audio Indicators & Alerts 75dB 21mm 3300Hz 12volts 0.02A (Aug 2016) Mouser Electronics Buy
PB2134 Pulse Electronics - 230 (Aug 2016) Bristol Electronics Buy
PB2134NL Pulse Electronics - 36 from $4.36 (Sep 2016) Onlinecomponentscom Buy
PB2134NLT Pulse Electronics Power Transformer 32:4:15 1800VDC Single+Auxilary Prim. Dual Sec. 36V/57V/12V Prim. 3.3V Sec. Surfac - Tape and Reel (Alt: PB2134NLT) (Aug 2016) Avnet Buy
PB215 PB Swiss Tools Screwdriver set Content: Handle, Slotted 2-3-4, Awl, Phillips 1-2, Slotted electronics screwdriver 0-1 Drive: Phillips / Slotted 96 from €56.50 (Aug 2016) Distrelec Buy
PB215 D/1,5 PB Swiss Tools Interchangeable blade for hexagon socket Size: 1.5 Blade length: 70 mm 10 from €7.63 (Aug 2016) Distrelec Buy
PB215 D/2 PB Swiss Tools Interchangeable blade for hexagon socket Size: 2 Blade length: 80 mm 8 from €5.95 (Aug 2016) Distrelec Buy


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Abstract: J100 19 20 21 GEN_FPGA_PIN19 PIN19 PB21C Y11 J100 22 23 24 GEN_FPGA_PIN20 PIN20 ... Lattice Semiconductor

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Abstract: 22 Pin 25 Pin 28 3.3V PB3C PB5C PB7C PB13A PB13A PB14A PB14A PB15C PB15C PB17C PB17C PB21C PB23A PB23A Pin 2 Pin ... Lattice Semiconductor

24 pages,
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6-pin JTAG header PB35C PB36D PB7D pl20c LVDS connector 30 pin PL43D ORT8850 LVDS display 30 pin connector J47-J49 J41-J46 PB36C PT33C transistor pt31C pl25a MPC680 PT31C PT35c transistor standard 6-pin JTAG header pt35c TEXT
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Abstract: pt36c equivalent AK17 PB21C/L1T_D2 AP16 PB21D/L1C PB21D/L1C_D2 AN17 PB22D/L2C PB22D/L2C_A1 AL17 PB23A/L3T PB23A/L3T_A1 AL18 PB23B/L3C PB23B/L3C_A1 AN18 ... Lattice Semiconductor

151 pages,
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k72 u2 CORE F5A 128x8 rom PT21C TEXT
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