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Abstract: I ON O OFF ABB PowerLine includes seven different amperage sizes from 30A to 800A. All PowerLine fusible switches are designed to meet customer requirements in terms of high interrupting capacity and long electrical life while occupying little more panel space than the appropriate fuses. The basic construction provides flexibility and high performance in an extremely compact size. ABB PowerLine switches are a perfect choice to withstand the heat and humidity of the tropics, the ext ... Original

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OHB65L6E011 OA3G01 IEC-947-5-1 ip 66 neozed OHB80L6 OZXA-26 OA4B OSJ200B4-280 E101914 OS100J03 OHB145L12 OS30A LR58077 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Technical Brochure Low Voltage Apparatus SwitchLine Load Break Switches/ Switch-Disconnectors 95MDN5573 95MDN5573 95MDN5523 95MDN5523 Brochure OETL 1A GB 98-11 ABB Control 16.160 A, 690 V 200.3150 A, 1000 V SwitchLine - Switch-Disconnectors/ Load Break Switches Versatile International Range The load break switch series comply with the major international standards and have a comprehensive range of approvals. Tested According to IEC 947-1 and 3 Other related standards: IEC 664, ... Original

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1SCA OT45E OT45E3 1SCA022352R7500 1SCA022353R3060 1SCA022353R2760 OT100E 125D4 OETL125 1SCA022059R1900 125D1 1SCA022352R6790 OT63E BS 5419 95MDN5523 95MDN5523 abstract
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Abstract: 250K4 1SCA022269R6910 1250K3 BS5419 Low Voltage Products SwitchLine, Load Break Switches / Switch-Disconnectors 16.160 A, 690 V 200.3150 A, 1000 V Brochure OT_OETL1 GB 04_06 1SCC301001C0201 1SCC301001C0201 I ON O OFF I ON OT16E3 OT16E3 O OFF I ON O OFF I ON O OFF O OFF I ON I ON O OFF O OFF I ON I ON I ON O OFF O OFF O OFF O OFF I ON O OFF I ON I ON I ON 3 O OFF OT80E OT80E O OFF O OFF I ON O OFF I ON NO I ON I O OFF O OFF O OFF I ... Original

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OT125E6 1SCA022283R8470 1SCA022352R6790 OT80E OT45E3 OT45E OT63E 1SCA022380R8340 1SCA022551R3610 bs 5419 vde 0660 BS 5419 OT16E3 OT25E OETL200 1SCC301001C0201 1SCC301001C0201 abstract
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