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Abstract: OCH168/OCH168A Micro Power, Ultra-sensitive Hall Switch General Description Features The OCH168(OCH168A) is an Integrated Hall effect sensor designed specifically to meet the requirements of , direct any inquiries and/or comments to info@orient-chip.com. Rev. 1.3.Aug.01, 2007 OCH168/OCH168A , Phone PDA Cordless Phone Typical Application 3 3 + GND 0.1F GND - OCH168 VDD 0.1F + VDD VOUT 2 1 R OCH168A VOUT 2 1 R OUTPUT 51K OUTPUT 2.7K ... Original

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MICRO switch hall Sensor Hall sensor sot23 3 pin circuit diagram of hall effect SC70M TSOT23-3L SC70M-3L OCH168 OCH168/OCH168A TEXT
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Abstract: Orient-Chip Semiconductor Co., Ltd Products cross reference Hall Sensor Competitor Part Number Infineon TLE4913 TLE4913 Allegro A3212 A3212 Melexis MLX90248 MLX90248 Anachip AH180 AH180 ANPEC APX9132 APX9132 Honeywell SS40 Melexis US1881 US1881 Panasonic DN6851 DN6851 Asahi Kasei EW512 EW512 Asahi Kasei EW732 EW732 OCS Part OCH168 OCH168 OCH168 OCH168 OCH169 OCH169 OCH140 OCH140 OCH140 OCH140 OCH140 OCH140 OCH140 OCH140 OCH140 OCH140 Package SOT/TSOT23-3L SOT23-3L SOT23-3L SOT23-3L SOT23-3L SIP-3 SIP-3 SIP-3 SIP-3 SIP-3 Pin to Pin Functions Remark Micro Power ... Orient-Chip Semiconductor

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OCH140 SOP-8L OCP2152 OCP8120 Cross Reference power MOSFET Li-ion charger controller sot23-5 DFN10 ic mp1410 OCA7190 OCH168 ocp8020 ocp3601 MP1410 Li-ion charger LT4054 TLE4913 OCP2020 TLE4913 GA8513 TLE4913 OCP2030 TLE4913 OCP2023 TLE4913 mp1423 TLE4913 lt4054 TLE4913 TLE4913 TLE4913 TEXT
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Abstract: 2009 PRODUCT GUIDE Micro Power,Ultra-sensitive Hall Switch Magnetic Characteristics Operating Range IO(MAX.) VDD OCH168 IDD(AVG) BOP BRP 2.5uA(TYP.) ±55G(TYP.) ±45G(TYP.) Operating Temp. Remark 1mA TW,M -40~85 MP Package Operating Temp. Remark -40~125 MP BHYS 2.4V~5.5V Package IO(MAX.) Part No. 10G(TYP.) Bipolar Hall Effect Position Sensor Magnetic Characteristics Operating Range Part No. VDD IDD BOP BRP BHYS 3.8V ... OCR Scan

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vlb ide 82C206 4116 DRAM 16Kx1 82C557 opti 82c547 82C558M opti 82c556 OPTi 82C546 82c556 82C558 82C557M 82C556M 82C556M/82C557M/82C558M TEXT
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