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OC65 Germanium Power Devices Germanium Small Signal Transistors Scan
OC65 N/A Shortform Transistor PDF Datasheet Scan
OC65 NEWMAR Product Portfolio 1972/73 Scan
OC65550 Chips and Technologies Original
OC65554 Chips and Technologies Original
OC65N N/A Shortform Transistor Datasheet Guide Scan
OC65N N/A Shortform Electronic Component Datasheets Scan


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Abstract: Timor #06-01 Pacific Tech Centre Singapore 159303 Tel: +65 278 6151 Fax: +65 270 4160 OC-65 Cooper Bussmann
A-12A E19180 A-10A S505-3-R 2002/95/EC S505-500


Abstract: transistor Bd 699 0.1SS 0016 0.028 0500 0.562 0.04S OC65 0190
OCR Scan
BD895 BD897A BD695A D895 transistor Bd 699 transistor BD901 D-897 BD895A BD897 BD899 BD899A


Abstract: OC75 GERMANIUM SMALL SIGNAL TRANSISTORS PRO ELECTRON TYPES Voo Type Hy y VIK, V Max Va y Max IcBO hrc M Max Cal @ y es y M in Max mA , C ob P) Max fa b \1H /. Min Pack Outline Pöwer Dissipation @ 25°( Mh ACY33 ACY34 ACY35 ACY36 ACY38 ACY39 ACY40 ACY41 ACY44 ASY26 ASY27 ASY28 ASY29 ASY48 ASY70 ASY76 ASY77 ASY80 ASY81 OC65 OC66 OC70 OC71 OC72 OC73 OC74 OC75 OC76 OC77 OC78 OC81N OC83N OC84N hfe 2t y p i c a l P P P P P P P P P P P N N P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P
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OC75 GERMANIUM SMALL SIGNAL TRANSISTORS Germanium Power Transistors oc75 oc76 OC74 Germanium power MT-22 MT-23 28UNF MT-36 NS257


Abstract: GERMANIUM SMALL SIGNAL TRANSISTORS 0.7 TO-5 300 ASY81 P 60 25 35 60 15 30-100 100 25 2.0 TO-5 200 OC65 P 10 10 10 4.5 12 30- 4 40 1.0
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OC71 OC76 OC72 germanium transistors NPN 2N217 oc77 MT-28 8-32NC-2A T0-18


Abstract: 2N2222A mps Mullard Mullard OC59 OC60 OC65 OC66 OC70 Mullard Mullard Mullard Mullard Mullard 42 A
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2N2431 AL102 ATES 2N2222A mps KR206 AD149 TIS58 RS276-2001 RS276-2002 RS270-2003 RS276-2004 BS276-200S RS276-2008


Abstract: NKT612 ® Chips and Technologies, Inc. 2950 Zanker Road San Jose, CA 95134 (408) 434-0600 SN06.4/3-97 OC65550 HiQVideoTM Advanced Video BIOS Release Notes Revision: Preliminary Version 2.5.0 Release Date: March 26, 1996 1. Screen would go blank when switching from text to , and the other switches. OC65550 HiQVideoTM Advanced Video BIOS Release Notes - Chips and , . OC65550 HiQVideoTM Advanced Video BIOS Release Notes - Chips and Technologies, Inc. - Rev. 1.4 - SN06
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AC176 NKT677 NKT612 OC171 equivalent ac128 GEX34 1/equivalent transistor ac127 AC113 AC155 AC156 AC165 AC128 AC154
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