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NSN74L Datasheet

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NSN74L National Semiconductor Misc. Data Book Scans 1975/76

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Abstract: National Semiconductor Semiconductors Opto electronics - 7 Segment Displays NSN74R NSN74R, NSN74L ┬┐inch GaAsP Seven Segment Numeric Displays GENERAL DESCRIPTION The NSN74R NSN74R and NSN74L are single digit, common cathode, GaAsP, numeric displays. They are 1/3 in. in height and offer the convenience of left hand, NSN74L or right hand, NSN74R NSN74R decimal point. The utilisation of optical reflective techniques , No. NSN74L 34847X 34847X NSN74R NSN74R 34848H 34848H FEATURES NSN74R NSN74R have bright decimal points and when paired ... OCR Scan

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"7 Segment Displays" AN-74 7 segment 14-pin stopwatch DL704 DL-704 NSN74L NSN74R DP 704 DP 704 C NSN74R abstract
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Abstract: sn74s471 TMS9902 tms4033 TMS4732 TMS6011 t03h SN74LS362 74LS362 1 C MUX S -SN74LS251A -SN74LS251A (TIM 9905)B 8 TO 1 C MUX Y 7 nSN74LS259 (TIM 9906)D 8 BIT A LATCH ® G 7 ... OCR Scan

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SN74148 ST 1076 ST12 SN7408 SN74LS04 TMS 3511 NS TMS9900 instruction set sla 4051 tms99 TMS 3511 TMS 9900 TMS9900 datasheet abstract
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Allied Electronics 31/07/2001 4264.14 Kb DIC fulltext.dic

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NSN74L Three-Five Systems, Inc. Seven-Segment Numeric LED Display

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