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NKT222 Datasheet

Part Manufacturer Description PDF Type
NKT222 N/A Shortform Transistor Datasheet Guide Scan
NKT222 N/A Shortform Electronic Component Datasheets Scan
NKT222 N/A Vintage Transistor Datasheets Scan
NKT222 N/A Basic Transistor and Cross Reference Specification Scan
NKT222 NEWMAR Product Portfolio 1972/73 Scan
NKT222 ZaeriX Short Form Data Catalogue 1972-73 Scan
NKT222S1 N/A Discontinued Transistor Data Book 1975 Scan
NKT222S2 N/A Discontinued Transistor Data Book 1975 Scan


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Abstract: NKT612 I.F. amplifier H. F. mixer I. F. amplifier I.F. amplifier NKT219 NKT221 NKT222 Newmarket , C 1 54 A C154 A C 1 55 NKT222, NKT675, 2GT182 NKT222, 0C81, PXC101, PXC101A, XC101, XC121 , , NKT219, OC81D, PXB103, PXB113, XB113, 2GT182, XB103 NKT222, 2GT182 NKT219 ACY35, NKT222, NKT275, OC71 , GET114, NKT222, NKT222, NKT219, NKT219, AC127 AC128 AC134 AC137 AC154 A C157 A C128 AC113 A C113 A C 1 54 NKT713, NKT773 NKT222, 2GT182 GET113, NKT274, OC81D, PXB103, PXB113, XB103
OCR Scan
AD149 AC176 NKT677 NKT612 OC171 equivalent GEX34 1/equivalent transistor ac127 AC155 AC156 AC165 AC166 AC167 AC177


Abstract: GET872 NKT222 G/PNP T05 300m W 0.75mc(11 -30 50-200 1mA G.P. Switch 0.20 NKT223 G/PNP T05 180mW 750kc12' -30
OCR Scan
BFY17 BFY18 BFY19 BFY50 BFY51 BFY52 GET872 BSY29 NKT404 GET882 V30/30P BSY28


Abstract: Low-Power Germanium PNP OC71N 2N206 2N653 GT2693 GT2693 2N1094 2N1094 2N1753 2N2209 NKT222 NKT226 TR320 2N331 2N1969 :gg
Advanced Semiconductor
2N801 2N426 TI387 nkt270 Low-Power Germanium PNP 2N2635 CK766 2G30 2N413 2N413A 2N809 2N810 2N112 2N112A


Abstract: CV7089 ASY77 ASY80 N K T 221 NKT222 NKT 223 NKT 224 NKT 225 NKT 226* NKT 227 N K T 228 NKT 229 = 0
OCR Scan
AC125 CV7089 OC71 2SB415 ad161 BCZ11 2N24A 2N34A 2N38A 2N43A 2N44A 2N59C


Abstract: kt420 473 , 2 N1605 A,TK33 C 2N576 A . 2 NI473 2N360 , 2 N599 * NKT222 AT30 H,B 5 A.DS- 26 ,E T 3 *ET 4 ,ET
OCR Scan
kt420 bc109 Transistor Equivalent list asy26 BCY70 BSY95A BC146

transistor 2N4

Abstract: ST25C transistor tA At TO 5 T05 T05 A0 A0 91 # 92# 93# NKT264 NKT222S1 NKT201 300m 300m 300m 1.0M 1.2MS 1.5M 5.0m , A A T022 TO 5 T05 97 # 98 99 NKT222S2 2SB421 CP800 300m 300m 300m 1.8MI 2.5M 2.5MA 5.0m 5.0m 4.0m
OCR Scan
transistor 2N4 ST25C transistor 2SA114 TFK 808 2N407 transistor 2N1177


Abstract: 2N2222A mps NKT222 G/PNP T05 300m W 0.75mc(11 -30 50-200 1mA G.P. Switch 0.20 NKT223 G/PNP T05 180mW 750kc12' -30
OCR Scan
2N2431 AL102 ATES 2N2222A mps KR206 TIS58 TIS88 RS276-2001 RS276-2002 RS270-2003 RS276-2004 BS276-200S RS276-2008
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