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Abstract: High Power SOT227 Resistors MHP150 MHP150 to MHP600 MHP600 Series · · · · · · Pb-free RoHS compliant SOT227 package Power rating from 150W to 600W High impulse power capability Non-inductive film technology Superior vibration handling UL94V0 UL94V0 Electrical Data MHP150LF MHP150LF Available Schematics Resistance Range MHP250LF MHP300LF MHP300LF MHP550LF MHP550LF MHP600LF MHP600LF 150W Power Rating1 MHP200LF MHP200LF 200W , MHP550 MHP550 MHP600 MHP600 MHP150 MHP150 MHP200 MHP200 MHP250 MHP300 MHP300 +155°C +120°C MHP300 MHP300 MHP600 MHP600 MHP200 MHP200 Safe Operating ... Original

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SOT227 MHP150 MHP550 SOT-227 MHP300 MHP200 resistors 1R50 MHP600 MHP300LF SCHEMATIC 200w power MHP200LF 1R50 UL94V0 MHP150LF MHP250LF MHP150 abstract
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Abstract: Short Form Catalog Resistive and Sensor Products Technology for Every Frontier 2 IRC has been an innovative leader in the design, development and manufacture of passive components for more than eighty years. What IRC's proven resistor technology gives you the performance advantages you need- whether your applications call for thick film, thin film or wirewound resistive products. differentiates IRC from other component companies is the focus on resistor application so ... Original

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PCF 7900 Metal film resistor MF M83401 IRC RG1-2 1K 5 electronic passive components catalog PFC-UD1206 rlr20 military resistors catalog resistor metal GLAZE 120 ohm 2 1W IRC PFC-W2010 rbr56 sn 8951 A metal film fused resistor 125k ohm datasheet abstract
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