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MDA2500 Datasheet

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MDA2500 N/A Historical semiconductor price guide (US$ - 1998). From our catalog scanning project. Scan


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Abstract: DIODE MOTOROLA 2101 lly Isolated Base Recognized 1800 V o lt Heat S in k Isolation MDA2500 Seríes 5 ^ SIN GLE-PH A , FORWARD POWER D IS S IP A T IO N CO MOTOROLA MDA2500 Series iF . IN S T A N T A N E O U S F O R W , SC {»IODES/OPTOÏ T '2 $ -V )lE E D | b3t,75S5 ° D 7 c ìbfl4 T | MDA2500 Series A M B IE N T T E M
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DIODE MOTOROLA 2101 MDA 2506 MDA 2508 mda2500 series MDA 2504 45typ


Abstract: MDA 2506 (M ) M O T O R O L A MDA2500 series R E C T IF IE R A S S E M B L Y .u t iliz in g and in d iv id u a l void -free m olded re c tifie rs , in te rco n n ecte d heat '¡ink by m oun ted on , O U N T IN G TORQUE: 20 m . b m ax MDA2500 Series F IG U R E 1 - FO R W A R D V O L T A G E , .' 3-183 MDA2500 Series F I G U R E 6 - T Y P IC A L T H E R M A L R E S P O N S E íiM t n , R E C O V E R Y T IM E F I G U R E 9 - R E V E R S E R E C O V E R Y T IM E 3-184 MDA2500
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bridge rectifier SSC

New Jersey Semiconductor
bridge rectifier SSC JL121JJ


Abstract: DB2500P - DB2510P DIOTEC ELECTRONICS CORP. Looking for: GBPC25005, GBPC2501, GBPC2502, 18020 Hobart Blvd., Unit B Gardena, CA 90248 U.S.A Tel.: (310) 767-1052 Fax: (310) 767-7958 GBPC2504, GBPC2506, GBPC2508, GBPC2510? or MDA2500, MDA2501, MDA2502, MDA2504, MDA2506, MDA2508, MDA2510 (See Note 2) 25 AMP SILICON BRIDGE RECTIFIERS MECHANICAL SPECIFICATION FEATURES SERIES: DB2500P - DB2510P and ADB2504P - ADB2508P VOID FREE VACUUM DIE SOLDERING FOR MAXIMUM MECHANICAL STRENGTH AND HEAT DISSIPATION
DB2500P - DB2510P Bridge Rectifiers bridge mda2501 MDA251 2506P BRIDGE E124962 BRDB-2500-1D ABDB-2500-1D BRDB-2500P-2C ABDB-2500P-2C


Abstract: pbl302 MDA206 (SB206) E11 MDA208 (SB208) E11 MDA210 (SB210) E11 MDA2500 (DB3500P) E43 MDA2501 (DB3501P) E43
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pbl302 g1756 g1756 Diode MDA3510 MDA970A6 MDA3502 Bridge rectifier 1N5817 1N5618 1N5818 1N5819 1N5820 1N5821

Solitron J775-2

Abstract: BT196 HA1200 MDÉ1201 MDA1202 DA1204 MDA1206 MDA1208 «5A20GG XDA201G m m DA204G SDA206G MDA208G MM210G MDA2500
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Solitron J775-2 BT196 SS14 TOSHIBA 1n5822 TOSHIBA SS550 BT127 10D05 RL151G 1N4934 RL152G 1N4935 RL153G


Abstract: data sheet IC 7408 MDA206 (SB206) E11 MDA208 (SB208) E11 MDA210 (SB210) E11 MDA2500 (DB3500P) E43 MDA2501 (DB3501P) E43
cp4071 data sheet IC 7408 2N4891 IC 7408 MDA970A2 1854-0071 LM103-2 CA3026 CA3018 MPQ6842 CA3046 CA3045
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