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MCM93L422 Datasheet

Part Manufacturer Description PDF Type
MCM93L422 Motorola 256 x 4-Bit RAM Original
MCM93L422 Motorola Memory Product Data Book 1979 Scan
MCM93L422A Motorola 256 x 4-Bit RAM Original


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Abstract: 1024bit ® MOTOROLA PRODUCT PREVIEW 1024-BIT RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY The MCM93L422 is a 1024-Bit Read/Write RAM, organized 256 words by 4 bits. The MCM93L422 has full decoding on-chip, separate data input and data output lines, two-chip selects, an output enable and write enable. The device is fully compatible with standard DTL and TTL logic families. A three-state output is provided to drive bus-organized systems and/or highly capacitive loads. â'¢ Low Power Dissipation â'¢ Three-State Output â'¢ TTL Inputs
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1024bit C815 1024-B


Abstract: MCM93L422 MCM93L422ADC MCM93L422DC Symbol Characteristic MCM93422APC MCM93422PC MCM93L422APC MCM93L422PC Unit , Nom Max MCM93422DC. PC MCM93L422DC, PC MCM93422ADC, APC MCM93L422ADC, APC 4 75 V 5 0V 5 25 V 0°C to , Copyrighted By Its Respective Manufacturer MCM93422. A â'¢ MCM93L422. A AC OPERATING CONDITIONS AND , Memory Expansion â'¢ Address Access Time: MCM93422A â'" 35 ns Max MCM93422 â'"45 ns Max MCM93L422A â'" 45 ns Max MCM93L422 â'" 60 ns Max BLOCK DIAGRAM A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 A0 A1 A2 MCM93422,A MCM93L422, A
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apc es 525 MCM93422D


Abstract: MCM93422A MOTOROLA MCM93422,A MCM93L422,A 1 0 2 4 -B IT R A N D O M A C C E S S M E M O R Y T h e M C M 9 3 4 2 2 S e r ie s a re 1 0 2 4 - b it R e a d / W r it e R A M s , o rg a n iz e d 2 5 6 w o r d s b y 4 b its , d e s ig n e d f o r h ig h p e r fo r m a n c e m a in m e m o r y a n d c o n t r o l s to r a g e a p p lic a t io n s . T h e y h a v e f u l l d e c o d in g o n - c h ip , s e p a ra te d a ta in p u t a n d d a ta o u t p u t lin e s , a n a c tiv e lo w - o u t p u t e n a b
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93L422PC 93422PC 93L422

ic 74 LS 138 DECODER

Abstract: Alu 181 MCM93L422 3-State Outputs 60 A 22 1024 x 1 MCM93415 Open-Collector Outputs 45 A 18 MCM93425 3
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ic 74 LS 138 DECODER Alu 181 8 bit bcd adder/subtractor f245 motorola lal 2084 internal circuitry for sr flip flop SG60R4