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L78N07 Datasheet

Part Manufacturer Description PDF Type
L78N07 Sanyo Semiconductor 5 to 24V 0.5A 3-Pin Voltage Regulator Scan
L78N07 Sanyo Semiconductor Sanyo Datasheets, Cross References and Circuit Examples Scan


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Abstract: L78N07 Linear ICs Fixed Positive Voltage Regulator status Military/High-RelN Output Voltage Nominal (V)7.0 Load Current Max. (A)500m Tolerance (%) Drop-Out Volt Max.2.0 P(D) Max. (W)1.2 Supply Voltage Maximum (V)22 Minimum Operating Temp (øC)-20 Maximum Operating Temp (øC)85 Package StyleSIP Mounting StyleT Pinout Equivalence Code3-87 # Pins3 Ckt. (Pinout) NumberLN00300087 American Microsemiconductor American Microsemiconductor


Abstract: L78N09 L7810ML L78N05 L79M05ML L78M05 L7812ML L78N06 L79M06ML L78M06 L7815ML L78N07 L79M08ML L78M07 L7818ML
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L78M12 L78N15 L7809 L7805ML L78M12ML L7812 L78N09 L78N12 IC L7812 L79M12ML L7805 L78M06ML L7806 L78M15

L7806 regulator

Abstract: 178M07T L78M20ML L78M24ML L78N05 L78N06 L78N07 Switching regulator 33 V voltage regulator 33 V voltage regulator
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178M24 178M07T L7806 regulator T0220 T0220ML 3000B L5431 L5630 L5631


Abstract: L78N06 SANYO SEM IC ON D UC T O R i m a i h 00G34b7 IE E D | CORP L78N00 Series T - ^ S - 1 1 -/3 , 3038A Monolithic Linear 1C 5 to 24V 0 .5 A 3-Pin Voltage Regulator ©1166C Use General-purpose voltage regulators Features . Output voltage . . . . . L78N05:5V L78N09:9V L78N18:18V L78n 06:6V L78n 10:10V L78N20:20V L78N07:7V L78N12:12V L78N24:2J»V L78N08:8V L78N15:15V 500mA output On-chip thermal protector On-chip overcurrent limiter On-chip
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L78I05 00G34 L78M00


Abstract: L78N05 SANYO SEMICONDUCTOR CORP 15E D I 7^707^ 0QG3^7 0 f ©1166C Use . General-purpose voltage regulators Features . Output voltage L78N05:5V L78N06:6V L78N07:7V L78N08:8V L78N09:9V L78N10:10V L78N12s12V L78N15:15V L78N18:18V L78N20:20V L78N24:24V . 500mA output . On-chip thermal protector . On-chip overcurrent limiter . On-chip ASO protector . The SEP-3H package facilitates easy mounting and thermal design as in case of transistor. [Con to L78M00 series] Maxlsua Ratings at Ta=25°C Maximum Supply Voltage
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TA527 SANYO L78M05 X35V RJ-25 8017TA/8055MH/8062KI L78V24


Abstract: L70MO5 Nac 11666 2066 O yWW-i-7; Na 1166A L78NOO vU-X 500mA 10/JX ft-J* â  tb^HÃH L78N05 : 6V L78N0Ã" : 6V L78N07 : 7V : 6V . L7ÃN10 : 10V L7ÃWI? : 12V L78NI5 : 15V ¿7ÃU\Q : 18V L78N20 : 20V/ hl8N24 : 24V // â  500 inA Jw, / / â'¢ // // - ^SRP-3H x*> o â'¢ . OLL/ONOa f K-i^J â  |V / jft^'ftiiJKmrf Vcc fnax ^ v I Pfl max 'ropg f r TBtg : uflU Vin// unit / /7.6^-20 V / 5^500 rtlA O[L70MO5J ti'j'/täüi V^VI^^lU- ^oltno rouT-200i«A .// â'ž " //' BVSViNS^OVaoiTTâ'"^OOniA â¡ - K L' ^o.L^é' a §|f
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178N05 L70MO5 my 50 L78W T-200 0276-63-2U1 D244YO 82YO5 L78W0