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Abstract: PMC Carriers V2PMC, V2PMC2, CPMC1 V2PMC V2PMC2 CPMC1 If it`s Embedded, it`s Kontron. V2PMC Dual-Slot, Low-Latency, 64-bit PMC Carrier The V2PMC is an expansion board for Kontron SBCs and Computing Nodes: PowerEngine7 (Version VMPC6a like) VMPC6x VxG4 Dual PMC Extension The V2PMC expands the motherboard PCI bus, as shown in the diagram below, using the P0 connector , V2PMC supports double PMC format boards per IEEE P1386 P1386. The default version requires 3.3V to be ... Original

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P1386 a 114 est PCI passive backplane CPMC1-RC-000 VITA-35-2000 cpci pmc VME COnnector VME 160 connector kontron uPD720400 NEC uPD720400 PENTXM VME 114 PIN connector PENTXM2 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: connectivity, Kontron offers a PMC carrier card, the V2PMC, that provides two extra PMC slots. The PMC , , Green Hills Integrity, Linux, and SYSGO ELinOS If it`s Embedded, it`s Kontron. Product , Support To offer the best board-level solutions, Kontron teamed with IBM to develop the key chips of the , 15 years of new product development and customer support in embedded and rugged computers, Kontron , quality products and customer service. Finally, in addition to its standard support services, Kontron ... Original

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PMC64 "VME Backplane" MTBF ALMA v64 ESCC technical manual PCI-VME64 IBM PMC32 powerpc 7xx dhrystone Kontron v2pmc VME64 alma powerpc dhrystone 750FX ALMA2e ppc 750fx Kontron vmpc6a 750FX/GX 750FX/GX 750FX/GX abstract
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