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Part : KM416V256BT-7 Supplier : Samsung Semiconductor Manufacturer : Bristol Electronics Stock : 2,496 Best Price : - Price Each : -
Part : KM416V256BT7 Supplier : Samsung Semiconductor Manufacturer : Bristol Electronics Stock : 2,500 Best Price : - Price Each : -
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Abstract: -6 KM416V256B-6 KM416C254BL-7 KM416V256B-7 KM416V256B-8 KM416V256BL-6 - KM416V256BL-7 - KM416V256BL-8 KM416V254B-6 KM416V254B-7 KM416V2S4B-8 KM416V254BL-6 KM418C256B-6 - KM416V254BL -
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KM44C4000AS KM44C4000aS 6 KM44C4000A-S KM48V2100AL KM41C4000C-5 KM41C4000CL-5 KM41C4002C-5 KM41C4000C-6 KM41C4000C-7 KM41C4000CL-7
Abstract: -7 KM416V256B-7 , KM416V256B-8 ! KM416V256BL-6 KM416 V256BL-7 KM416V256BL-8 ' The next version -
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km44c2560 KM48V2104B-6 KM41C1000D-6 KM41C1000D-L6 KM41C1000D-7 KM41C1000D-L7 KM44C256D-7 KM44C256D-L7
Abstract: TSOP-ll(Forward) 4M B/W 256KX16 3.3V±0.3V KM416V256B# KM416V256BL# KM416V254B# KM416V254BL# 256KX18 -
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KM416C254 KM418C256 KM44C1003 KM44V4100AL KM48C2100AL KM41C1000D KM41C10OOD-L KM44C256D KM44C256D-L KM41C4000C KM41C4000CL
Abstract: # KM416C254BL# 3.3V+0.3V KM416V256B# KM416V256BL# KM416V254B# KM416V254BL# EDO 60/70/80 Fast Page EDO 50/60/70 -
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1004CL KM44V16104AK KM48V2104B 44v16104 4M DRAM EDO KM48V2100B KM41C1000D-L KM48C128 KM48C124 KM416C60 KM416C64 KM41V4000C
Abstract: KM416V256BL-6 - KM416V256BL-7 - KM416V256BL-8 - KM416V256BLL-6 KM416V256BLL-7 KM416V256BLL-8 , # KM416V256BL# KM416V256BLL# KM416V254B# KM416V254BL# KM416V254BLL# 256Kx18 5V±10% KM418C256B# KM418C256BL -
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KM23C1000-20 KM28C64B zip 40pin KM23C8001C KM29N32000 KM41C16000ALL KM41C1000C-6 KM41C1000CL-6 KM41C1000CSL-6 KM44C256C-6 KM44C256CL-6 KM44C256CSL-6
Abstract: -6 KM416V256B/BUBLL-7 KM416V256B/BL/BLL-8 KM416V256B KM416V256BL KM416V256BLL KM416V256B/BL/BLL-6 KM416V256B/BL , ) Output High Voltage Level (IOH=-2mA) Output Low Voltage Level (loL=2mA) |CC6 - KM416V256BL |CC7 - 200 "A KM416V256BLL Iccs - 100 M ll(L) -10 10 M lO(L -
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KM416V256BT KM416V256B/BL/BLL KM416V256B/ 40-LEAD
Abstract: (RAS=UCAS=LCAS=W=Vdd-0.2V) KM416V256B KM416V256BL KM416V256BLL 500 ICC5 - M M M CAS-Before-RAS , DiN=Don't Care, T rc=125/kS T ras=Tras min.~300ns KM416V256BL ICC7 - 200 M Self Refresh Current RAS=xCAS=0.2V W=OE=Ao-A8=Vdd-0.2V or 0.2V DQi -DQi 6=Vdd-0.2V, 0.2V or Open KM416V256BLL -
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KM416V256B/BL7BL1 KM416V256B/BIVBLL-6 KM416V256B/BIVBLL-7 KM416V256B/BL7BLL-8 416V256B/BI7BLL KM416V256B/B
Abstract: -7 KM416V256B-8 - KM416V256BL-6 KM416V256BL-7 KM416V256BL-8 - KM416V256BLL-6 KM416V256BLL-7 KM416V256BLL-8 - KM416V254B-6 KM416V254B-7 KM416V254B-8 - KM416V254BL-6 KM416V254BL -
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KMM5334100 23C1001 km 23c 4000B M23C32000 KMM594000C-7 KMM5362003C KM44C256CL-7 44C256CL-8 KM41C4000C-8 KM41C4000CL-6 41C4000CL-8 KM41C4000CSL-5
Abstract: # 3.3V10.3V KM416V256B# KM416V256BL# KM416V2S4B# KM416V254BL# EDO 60/70/80 Fast Page EDO 50/60/70 Fast Page J -
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44V16 44C40 366F KMM5322204AW KMM5324104BK kmm5364103bk KMM5321200BW/BWG-6 5321200BW/BWG- KMM5361203BW/8 KMM5322200BW/BWG-6 KMM5322100BKU/BKUG-5 MM5361203BW/BWG-7