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JRC4558 Datasheet

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JRC4558 New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. NJM4558 / Dual Operational Amplifier

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Abstract: iff -am-© sin JRC4558 is used for OP amp. 11] : +12V power supply for the AD OP amp. 12] : -M2V ... OCR Scan

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CXD2555Q CXD2558M CXD2570Q diagrams tv sony ic 1213 jrc455 CXD2555 jrc4558 dd jrc4558 dv resistor .002 sony stereo QCIX jrc4558 equivalent QFP-4BP-L04 jrc4558 d JRC-4558 CXD2555Q abstract
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Abstract: 4558JRC FCH10AU10 JRC4558 NIECSBDFRED (NIEC)(SBD)(FRED) (SMPS) SBDFRED SBDFRED SMPS SMPS JRC NJM2367DC-DC NJM2367DC-DC 12V 5V 12V 40V VRRM FSQ05A04 FSQ05A04 P/N Io VRRM 0- trr : 25ns FSQ05A04 FSQ05A04 trr : 25ns 00- FSF05A20 FSF05A20 trr : 110ns 30PRA60 30PRA60 VF () FSQ05A04 FSQ05A04 SBD 5A 40V FSF05A20 FSF05A20 FRED 5A 200V 0.98V 30PRA60 30PRA60 FRD 3A 600V 3 IF=3A, -di/dt=25A/祍, 25 0.55V 1.15V trrFREDtrr 40V SBDtrr 3 30PRA60VF 30PRA60VF (trr) DC-DC3 VFtrr 1IF=3A- ... Original

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smps 12v 1a 5a200v FCH10A20 adapter 12v 5a jrc 5534 6v smps ICF-SW77 FRH20a10 12v 5A smps SMPS 30v LM317 jrc adapter 12v 1a SMPS smps 12v NJM2367DC-DC FSQ05A04 NJM2367DC-DC abstract
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Abstract: NIEC's SBD and FRED for Audio Nihon Inter Electronics Corporation (NIEC) is a major manufacturer of Schottky Barrier Diode (SBD) and Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diode (FRED). Thanks to low dissipation, fast switching, and low noise characteristics, these fast switching diodes are widely used in Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS) all over the world. Other than such applications, these features are also valuable to Audio applications. In fact, our SBD and FRED are adopted to line rectifiers in hig ... Original

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4558 audio difference between smps dc-dc converter 4558 OP AMP 12v electronic transformer smps 5a,200v power diode bridge 5534 JRC jrc op amplifier BRIDGE-RECTIFIER 12v 5A 4558 Application Circuit jrc 4558 bridge rectifier 12V 1A 4558 JRC NJM2367 NJM2367 abstract
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