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IN4148 Datasheet

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IN4148 Shanghai Sunrise Electronics SILICON EPITAXIAL PLANAR SWITCHING DIODE Original


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Abstract: TEST2 16 OPT3 15 OPT2 14 OPT1 13 VDD TEST1 10 11 12 KEY IN4148 R1 , •´é›»é˜»ã'' 3. ä½é›»å£"åu測點 VT VT X R2 = 0.48V (=IN4148 Vf /3VDC é å'電å£") R1+R2 *ç¯"ä , 12 KEY IN4148 R1=560K 104 R2 電å£"åu測調整說æ˜: 1. R1ã'R2 ç'ºä½é›»é˜»ã'' 2. Rosc=470KΩç'ºæŒ¯ç›ªé »ç‡èª¿æ•´é›»é˜»ã'' 3. ä½é›»å£"åu測點 VT VT X R2 = 0.50V (=IN4148 Vf , 560K+62K CDT-3272 4 ) = 0.48V IN4148 CDT-3272 P.5 å‰ç‡+電å£"åu測 IC Bowin Electronic
IN4-148 iN4148+5t 2SD965 CDT3272 CDT7230
Abstract: L-OUT2 R-OUT2 INH U/D DCO OSC + CX 4.7 PT2253A 10K + IN4148 100K RS fosc = RS 1 (0.7)(CX)( RX) 1uF 33K RX IN4148 3RX UP SW Notes: 110K Vcc DOWN SW , 100K 10uf C4 4.7uf + + PT2253A v2.6 + 3 2 2 IN4148 1 2 33K IN4148 , IN4148 1 0.15uf 51K IN4148 6 5 8 7 + - LM358 4 110K Vcc (6 ~ 12V) Output Princeton Technology
2253A lm358 cmos LM358 replacement lm358 pin configuration IC LM358 LM358 AUDIO CIRCUIT
Abstract: > ePV SERIES Traget SEG4 SEG5 SEG6 SEG7 SEG8 D9 D1 1N4148 D2 IN4148 D3 IN4148 D4 1N4148 D5 IN4148 D6 IN4148 D7 1N4148 D8 IN4148 IN4148 D10 IN4148 , IN4148 JP9 R12 10K KEY1 KEY2 KEY3 KEY4 1 3 5 7 R11 10K 2 4 6 8 R10 10K , IN4148 ELAN Microelectronics ELAN Microelectronics
EM78M612 ELAN EM78M612 gr17 EPVP6200 DIP SWITCH 10 PIN 1V111 PVP6300 PVP6200 PV6316 PVP6810 RS-232C PVP6300/
Abstract: IC 0.1uF 330k 22k 1uF 16V IN4148 IN4148x4 Hold 0.1uF 5.1V 22k 2.2k , 22k 1uF 16V IN4148 5.1V IN4148x4 0.1uF HDI 0.1uF HDO 1 VDD 17 C1 , # Hook on 2.2k 5.1V IN4148 270k IN4148 1uF DTMF XMUTE 7 200k , IN4148 1uF 16V 0.1uF Melody IC 0.1uF Hold VDD 0.1uF 5.1V 22k 22k 2.2k IN4148 270k 39pF 47k 1uF IN4148 220k 100k 14 100uF 13 8 X2 HFO Silan Semiconductors
SC9302 SC9302D IN4148X4 4x4 keypad to bcd 4x4 keyboard IN4148X datasheet for 4x4 keyboard SC9302X SC9302/F/G/H SC9302XT SC9302XLT SDIP-24
Abstract: -5V -12V Uvac +5V PG D7 IN4148 C8 104K/50V R50 4.7K 1/8W R51 47K 1/2W C10 , D25 IN4148 R25 R24 4.7 1/2W 4.7 1/2W D11 FR152 L3 SD3A F16C20C FD2A F16C20C L SD1A , D14 IN4148 R16 1K 1/8W C9 22 3K/50V 3 2 1 D18 FR152 Q7 2SC945 R60 10 1/2W R57 2K 1/8W D4 FR152 R9 39 1/2W T2 ATEE119 T8P2T2 D23 IN4148 D24 IN4148 R54 24K 1 , V5 Fb2 FB2 PG D19 IN4148 R42 330 1/8W C30 103Z 100V IC1 D22 FR152 Silan Microelectronics
TL4313 sd6109 sd484 TVR07241KS SA7257 103z ATEEL19T7P7 SD6109 SD6109PCPWM DIP-20-300-2 F/16V F/10V
Abstract: ) With delay using TG trigger VDD=3V 3mH 13obm VDD=3V 2N5551 VDD=3V 3mH 13obm IN4148 , 2N5551 TG M5003 1.3 x 1.5mm2 =VDD CKX CHOP EL VDD TGB TG IN4148 10K VDD=3V 3mH 13obm IN4148 10K 2N5551 EL 2N5551 IN4148 10K 2N5551 EL 2N5551 VDD MOSDESIGN Semiconductor
2N5551 circuit 3mh inductor dc to ac converter IN4148 operating frequency EL driving EL driver
Abstract: IN4148 IN4148x4 22k 2.2k 270k IN4148 0.1 F Hold 5.1V 22k 100 F 15 0.1 F , 220k 22M 100k 220k 4.7k Melody 330k 0.1 F 22k F 16V IN4148 IN4148x4 Hold , 22k 22k F 16V IN4148 5.1V IN4148x4 Hold VDD 17 0.1 F PO 1 0.1 F , 3.3k A42 22M A92 100K 47k VDD 2.2k 5.1V IN4148 270k IN4148 100 F , Handfree 22M 220k 100k 10k 4.7k 330k IN4148 F 16V 0.1 F Melody IC 0.1 F Silan Microelectronics
4x4 matrix keypad and diagram simple KT 839 SC9302B SC9302A rk41 C4520 SC9302F/G/H DIP-16-300-2 DIP-18-300-2 27MAX 51MIN 00MIN
Abstract: 100K ¡ ¡ 100K ¡ ¡ 100K ¡ ¡ 100K ¡ For Custom Code Selection IN4148 19 20 KI/O7 IN4148 KI/O6 IN4148 KI/O5 IN4148 KI/O4 IN4148 KI/O3 IN4148 KI/O2 IN4148 KI/O1 IN4148 KI/O0 10 CCS SC6121 7 VDD Note:1. Two Silan Semiconductors
SC6121-001 SC6121-002 ccs 9014 air conditioner schematic diagram K2124 schematic diagram air conditioner
Abstract: Selection IN4148 14 100K 15 IN4148 16 100K 17 IN4148 18 100K 19 IN4148 KI/O7 100K KI/O6 IN4148 KI/O5 100K KI/O4 IN4148 KI/O3 100K KI/O2 IN4148 KI/O1 100K KI/O0 IN4148 3 VSS CCS 2 7 VDD HANGZHOU SILAN Silan Semiconductors
K2123 K3101 LMP20 455KH
Abstract: XTAL 2 P03 16 P02 15 VCC 1 P01 14 VCC P00 13 VCC VCC VCC 10K IN4148 6 , ON THE 60 HZ LINE FREQUENCY 4.00 MHz 27 pF 27 pF VCC IN4148 10K TYP. 7 P01 IN4001 , III V SYSTEMS TSM5034T Z86C08 IN4001 9 IN4148 P32 VCC TIME SET 9 CLOCK P02 ZiLOG
Z86C21 IN4148 ZENER IN-4001 TSM5034 8 MHz crystal A13F ZENER IN4001
Abstract: 10K V1 IN4148 R11 4.7â"¦ D5 IN4148 V2 R12 R13 10K 4.7â"¦ IRF840 C25 0.1uF , ¾"出 N 正弦 220Vè¾"出 P3 D6 IN4148 V3 R15 4.7â"¦ D7 IN4148 V4 R16 4.7â"¦ 3 , 正弦220Vè¾"出 L P2 C22 2.2uF R15 N P3 正弦220Vè¾"出 V4 D7 IN4148 V3 , "¦ R7 1K R2 4.7â"¦ IRF840 C25 D6 IN4148 5 GND P? 温度åé¦ R12 R13 10K 8 +12V VCC 3 V2 D5 IN4148 R11 4.7â"¦ 9 2LO D3 FR107 EG Microelectronics
EG8010 inverter welder schematic diagram irf840 pwm ac sine inverter 24V to 220V inverter schematic diagram inverter welder schematic inverter 12v 220v schematic diagram LQFQ32
Abstract: IN4148 High-speed switching diode Features 1. High reliability 2. High speed (trr4 ns) Applications Extreme fast switches Construction Silicon epitaxial planar Absolute Maximum Ratings Tj=25 Parameter Test Conditions Symbol Value Unit Repetitive peak reverse voltage VRRM 100 , :wej@yongerjia.com IN4148 Figure 3. Forward current vs. forward voltage Figure 4. Reverse current vs , :// www.wej.cn E-mail:wej@yongerjia.com IN4148 Electrical Characteristics Tj=25 Parameter Symbol WEJ Electronic
1N4448 IN4148 anode cathode DIODE IN4148 switching diode in4148 silicon diode IN4148 test diode in4148 IN4148 datasheet 100MH
Abstract: D9. Dialing rate 10pps & 20pps selectable, M/B ratio 1/2 D10. Lock all digits D1 IN4148 COL3 SW13 SW12 D2 IN4148 D3 IN4148 ROW1 SW14 D4 IN4148 SW16 SW15 D5 IN4148 D6 IN4148 ROW2 SW17 D7 IN4148 D8 IN4148 ROW3 SW20 D10 IN4148 ROW4 2 SW19 SW18 D9 IN4148 NT91315XL Series Block Diagram DIALING BUFFER R1 REDIAL BUFFER : DP R4 Novatek
3.579MHz crystal RD 9481 max 2769 100 20L A1 diode keyboard decoder memory ckt diagram 1/10-N
Abstract: 100 47 945 IN4148 10T 10K BACKWARD 22.3K 100 150 56 IN4148 RX CIRCUIT 10P L2 15P L1 5.6K 3.3K 3.3u 0.002u 1.2K 100â"¦ VDD 47u 3.3K IN4148 MOSDESIGN Semiconductor
Abstract: R12 1.5M 1/4W 4 3 2 1 SGND -5V -12V Uvac +5V PG D7 IN4148 C8 104K/50V , ZNR1 TVR07241KS TVR07241KS D25 IN4148 R25 R24 4.7 1/2W 4.7 1/2W D11 FR152 L3 SD3A , U1 SD1B SBL3040PT D14 IN4148 R16 1K 1/8W C9 22 3K/50V R26 150 2W R39 15 2W , SILAN MICROELECTRONICS CO.,LTD T2 ATEE119 T8P2T2 D23 IN4148 R60 10 1/2W R54 24K 1/8W , Vref1 OP2 D24 IN4148 R44 1.5K 1/8W UVAC COMP R59 75K 1/8W VP1 10K 1/10W D20 Silan Microelectronics
103Z capacitor capacitor 103z 1kv 104k 250v capacitor kpc817 ZNR2 104Z capacitor TL431 473/50V
Abstract: SEL KI/O5 16 10 OSCO 455KHz 11 OSCI SC6122 1 For custom code selection VDD IN4148 100K IN4148 100K IN4148 100K KI/O2 19 IN4148 100K KI/O3 18 IN4148 100K IN4148 100K IN4148 100K KI/O6 15 IN4148 100K KI/O7 14 220pF 12 Vss LMP 13 VDD R3=100 Note: 1 Silan Microelectronics
SC6122-001 SC6122-002 SC6122 remote control for dvd vcd player circuit diagram SC6122 001 power supply for vcd player
Abstract: 1995 Revision A4 W82C610 RC NETWORK W82C610 +5V 5.6K 1% IN4148 0.1u 680 1% 2.7K 1% LEVEL 150K 0.1u IN4148 33u RDATA RED 150K IN4148 33u BDATA BLUE 150K IN4148 33u GDATA GREEN 150K Headquarters Winbond Electronics (H.K.) Ltd. No Winbond Electronics
1in4148 OSD ic odb2 KEYPAD11 key pad IN4148 specifications 80X51X
Abstract: SC6122 1 For custom code selection VDD IN4148 100K IN4148 100K IN4148 100K KI/O2 19 IN4148 100K KI/O3 18 IN4148 100K IN4148 100K IN4148 100K KI/O6 15 IN4148 100K KI/O7 Silan Microelectronics
Abstract: IN4148 1n 15V Rstart 1M RHV 430K 13005 10 BL8305A Vcc Vdc OUT2 Rpre HV C1 Rp2 , 100K Rt 22 Co 47n 22n IN4148 100K 0.1u Rp1 2 Ro 30 POFF GND Cp 620K , 400V IN4148 Rstart 1n 15V IRF830 100 1M BL8305A Rt 0.1u 470p Rpre Rt Ct Cpre Shanghai Belling
BL8301 13005 mosfet PDIP14 25VCC 150KR 100KR
Abstract: relay R1 +12V IN4148 SW OFF 12V RELAY (min 110) NORP12 NORP12 1.5k +3V R2 , 10 Extremely sensitive light operated relay +12V IN4148 +12V IN4148 12V RELAY (min 110 RS Components
2N3053 BC107 RELAY 12V 12v relay VR1 100K preset PRESET VR1 50K vr1 2.2k NORP-12 NSL19-M51
Abstract: 4.7 P T 2 253 B 10K + IN4148 100K RS fosc = RS 1 (0.7)(CX)( RX) Page 3 33K RX IN4148 3RX UP SW PT2253B v 1.7 1uF DOWN SW Revised October 1999 Tel , CX 4.7 P T 22 5 3 B 10K + IN4148 100K RS fosc = RS 1 (0.7)(CX)( RX) 1uF 33K RX IN4148 3RX UP SW DOWN SW Note: Since the Buffer Amp between Att-1 and Att-2 is Princeton Technology
8 pin ic lm 358 op amp lm 358 IN414 ic lm op amp Pt2253A replacement PT2253B-SN 2253B
Abstract: 470p/60V Dz1 Dz2 Dz3 IN4148 IN4148 IN4148 Rb 0.56/0.5W UC3845 VCC FB COMP OUT VREF RT , B U1 1 2 D9 IN4148 D8 IN4148 FB J2 Rc s 1K/0.25W RT 10K/0.25W CS 471 , Circuit of PWM IC Vbus T Rstart R1 D1 IN4148 U1 UC3845 Cvcc 7 2 1 8 4 Rb VC , Option 810/0.5W 1K/0.25W IN4007 IN4007 BY269 BY269 IN4148 IN4148 IN4148*3 BA159 STS20H100CT STMicroelectronics
IN4007 diode forward bias resistance IN4007 diode detail theory information DIODE IN4007 IN4007 working pic817 in4007 diode date sheet AN2050 STC03DE170 AN1889
Abstract: 100K ¡ ¡ 100K ¡ ¡ 100K ¡ For Custom Code Selection IN4148 KI/O7 IN4148 KI/O6 IN4148 KI/O5 IN4148 KI/O4 IN4148 KI/O3 IN4148 KI/O2 IN4148 KI/O1 IN4148 KI/O0 VDD Note:1. Two capacitance connect with Vcc should as near as Silan Semiconductors
ir 38khz emitter transistor k49 1D71 10MAX
Abstract: 0.22uf /275V D6 D5 L3 700μH Full-wave Rectified Output R1 OPEN D3 IN4148 1000V,3A , COMP 0.1μ C4 L1 EMI M8128 R2 1M 222 222 C2 0.22μ CS D4 IN4148 , 300K C29 470pF R28 1K C21 102 R30 1/1W R31A 1.2M SZ3 5.1V D19 IN4148 R33 , SD1 C16 271 D10 IN4148 D15 FR107 PHC C14 2.2uF D9 IN4148 SZ2 12V/1W VDD MOSDESIGN Semiconductor
in4148 zener diode varistor 222, 1KV M8145 DIP-14 2SK2996 2SK2628 25/1W
Abstract: OFF HOOK 22M 240k F EM3 EM2 17 R3 16 R2 15 R1 2.2k VDD 10 IN4148 12 47k PO ZD 5.1V SC91650A IN4148 470k 100uF 16V 11 HKS 2SC945 1uF 16V , IN4148 OSCO 8 0.2uF C945 200 3.579545MHz 2 2 to 4 wire speech network & audio , HDO 11 HFI 15 PO 14 HKS IN4148 HD KEY VDD VDD 1uF HF KEY 47k 1uF , R 4 7 */T 820k x7 26 IN4148 Silan Semiconductors TYPACAL APPLICATION CIRCUIT Silan Semiconductors
DIP-18 SC91650 C945 1N4004x4 znr 10k 2SC945 DATASHEET C945 RI c945 p 23 SC91650/1/2 SC91650A/B SC91651A/B SC91652A/B DIP-22
Abstract: 31/2 digit LCD display and RS7106 DPM ic (display range 0-200°C resolution 0.1°C) IN4148 IN4148 IN4148 1M G D S G 3N 201 SPAN ADJUST 16 LCD 3 2 DIGIT 588-572 + 9V , , using LCD digital panel meter (display range 0-200°C, resolution 0.1°C) V+ IN 4148 IN 4148 IN4148 RS Components
BS1904 158238 PLATINUM RESISTOR thermometer detector* RS 206 digital thermometer using IC 7106 rs 158-402
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