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FAN8036L Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation Standard PWM Controllers, 48LD,PQFP,JEDEC MS-022, 14MM SQUARE,FUSED DAP, 840/TRAY ri Buy
FSQ510 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation 700V Integrated Power Switch with Valley Switching control for 6Watt offline flyback converters, 7LD,MDIP, .300" WIDE, FUSED DAP, 3000/RAIL ri Buy
FSEZ1317NY Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation PSR Flyback PWM Controller with MOSFET Integrated for LED Lighting, 7LD,MDIP, .300" WIDE, FUSED DAP, 3000/RAIL ri Buy

IEC320-C14 fused

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Abstract: available Available with IEC320-C14, 3 blade grounded input Current Min-Max Part Number 3 5 6 , H L W W 2 pin IEC320-C8 IEC320-C8 p/n SP368xx Available with IEC320-C14, 3 blade grounded input , , Fused Australia u Input cable connection cordset with strain relief to case, or US Hospital , Country of use Brazil South Africa Europe, Schuko CEE 7/7 Europe 2 pin CEE 7/16 UK 13A fused plug , +5V +24V +12V �12V +12V �5V Note: SP15905 SP15905 SPECIFIES IEC320-C-14 INPUT Change to SP15805 SP15805 for ... Original

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SP24918 96 pin euro female connectors AP3445 220V AC 12V DC 1.5A dc charger CEE 32A plug AP3405E SP20112 AP3405 220V 350mA LED driver transformer 220V to 12V 500mA sf-p151 LP2440 charger datasheet abstract
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Abstract: 24c02l supply 2 J Power supply IEC320-C14 AC inlet K Power supply 1 L Power supply on LED ... Original

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VHDCI 68 pin pinout wire colors foxconn CE certificate IEC320-C14 VHDCI 68pin chipkill SCSI 68PIN AIC-7902 HPIB CONTROLLER IC 68 pin pcb SCSI connector 68-pin scsi ultra320 reading data SCSI 68P, female C660 datasheet abstract
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