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GP2Y0D02YK Datasheet

Part Manufacturer Description PDF Type
GP2Y0D02YK Sharp Long Distance Measuring Sensor Original
GP2Y0D02YK Sharp Optical Sensors - Distance Measuring, Sensors, Transducers, SENSOR DIST MEASUR 80CM DIGI Original
GP2Y0D02YK0F Sharp DIGITAL Replaced PQ030EZ1HZPH Original
GP2Y0D02YK0F Sharp Optical Sensors - Distance Measuring, Sensors, Transducers, SENSOR DIST MEASUR 80CM DIGI Original


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Abstract: GND near the GP2Y0D02YK. 7-9 Please don't do washing. Washing may deteriorate the characteristics of , . GP2Y0D02YK 1. These specification sheets include materials protected under copyright of Sharp Corporation , -99075 April 7, 1999 MODEL No. PAGE GP2Y0D02YK 1/8 1. Application This specification applies to the outline , inspection Refer to the attached sheet, page 7. 6. Supplement 6-1 GP2Y0D02YK Example of Output distance , GP2Y0D02YK 2/8 7. Notes 7-1 Lens of this device shall be kept cleanly. There are cases that dust, water or -
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2Y0D02 GP2YOD02YK sharp gp2y0d02yk ED-99075
Abstract: GP2Y0D02YK-7 Figure 1. Pinout GND VCC PSD SIGNAL PROCESSING CIRCUIT VOLTAGE REGULATOR , MEASURING IC GP2Y0D02YK-4 Figure 2. Block Diagram 1 Data Sheet GP2Y0D02YK ELECTRICAL , OUTPUT nth OUTPUT 7.6 ±1.9 ms GP2Y0D02YK-5 Figure 3. Timing Diagram 2 Data Sheet , SET-UP DETECTION DISTANCE L = 800 ±100 mm DISTANCE TO REFLECTIVE OBJECT L (mm) GP2Y0D02YK-6 Figure , GP2Y0D02YK-3 5 Data Sheet GP2Y0D02YK PACKING SPECIFICATION 2 PAD (CORRUGATED CARDBOARD) (2 Sharp
ST Microelectronics, resin LA 7326 china phone BLOCK diagram pinout of 4029 be Sensors PSD SMA06010
Abstract: GP2Y0D02YK GP2Y0D02YK Long Distance Measuring Sensor s Features s Outline Dimensions 37 29.5 5 *1 Open collector output Lens case R3.75 3.2 Connector 10.1 PWB 10.45 14.4 8.95 14.4 (Ta=25°C) Symbol Rating Unit VCC V -0.3 to +7 -0.3 to VCC +0.3 V VO , http://www.sharp.co.jp/ecg/ GP2Y0D02YK s Electro-optical Characteristics Parameter Symbol L , measurement First output 7.6ms±1.9ms TYP. Second output nth output GP2Y0D02YK Fig.3 Distance Sharp
Abstract: GP2Y0D02YK Distance Measuring Sensor Long Distance Measuring Sensor Unit s 37 29.5 ø3.2 hole Connector 10.1 8.95 2 GND 14.4 qw e The position size marked with an * is the size of the lens center position. Block Diagram Signal processing circuit Constantvoltage , Emitter *PSD: Position Sensitive Detector s (Unit: mm) 13 The GP2Y0D02YK is a standard type , http://www.sharp.co.jp/ecg/) GP2Y0D02YK s Operating Supply Voltage Symbol Rating 4.5 to Sharp
distance sensor circuit range long sensor reflective distance measure sensor datasheet infrared distance sensor DISTANCE MEASUREMENT infrared distance sensor
Abstract: -3 GP2Y0A02YK0F GP2Y0D02YK0F GP2Y3A001K0F GP2Y3A001K0F GP2Y3A001K0F PHR-3 PHR-3 WAS Cable WAS Cable WAS , ? Our distance measuring sensors with "Digital Functionality" H/L output ( like. GP2Y0D02YK) have open , specification, in this case GP2Y0D02YK) The "Analog Functionality" distance measuring sensors (like GP2Y0A02YK Sharp
GP2Y0A21YK GP2D120XJ00F GP2Y0A21YK0F GP2Y1010AU0F GL4910G1 GP2Y0A02 SPH-002T-P0 sharp GP2D120 GP2Y0D340K SPH002T-P0 GP2D150AJ00F GP2D12J0000F
Abstract: PRODUCT DOCUMENTATION Sharp Optoelectronic Components GP2Y0D02YK 1 Bit Output Distance Measuring Sensor Issue Date: April 7, 1999 No: ED-99075 SPECIFICATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. Suggested applications (if any) are for standard use; See Important Restrictions for limitations on special applications. See Limited Warranty for SHARP's product warranty. The Limited Warranty is in lieu, and exclusive of, all other warranties, express or implied. ALL EXPRESS AND IMPLIED Sharp
Abstract: SHARP Feb 18,2003 GENERAL APPLICATION NOTE: DISTANCE MEASURING SENSORS Opto-Electronic Devices Div. ELECOM Group SHARP CORPORATION SHARP INTRODUCTION: At this time, the Sharp family of Distance Measuring Sensors includes the following part numbers: GP2D12 GP2D150A GP2D12 GP2Y0A21YK GP2D15 GP2Y0D21YK GP2Y0D340K GP2Y0A02YK GP2Y0D02YK All of these distance measuring sensors are consistent in operation. Although the range varies among them, the performance will be similar. We have -
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GP2YOA21YK GP2012 of GP2D12 Sharp GP2D12 distance measuring sensor REFLECTIVE OBJECT SENSOR SUN POSITION SENSOR GP2D12/15
Abstract: Beam, range 10-80cm GP2Y0A21YK0F GP2Y0D02YK ES Distance Measuring Sensor 20-150cm GP2Y0D02YK0F GP2Y0D21YK ES Distance Measuring Sensor, Wide Beam, range 10-80cm GP2Y0D21YK0F -
S2S4A00F pc123y22 gp2d04 GP2D021 GP1A040R IS471FsE BS100C BS500B BS520 BS100C0F BS500B0F BS520E0F
Abstract: GP2Y0D02YK0F GP2Y0D02YK0F Distance Measuring Sensor Unit Digital output (80 cm) type Description Agency approvals/Compliance GP2Y0D02YK0F is a distance measuring sensor unit, composed of , . Sheet No.: E4-A00501EN Date Dec.01.2006 1 ©SHARP Corporation GP2Y0D02YK0F Block diagram GND , Sheet No.: E4-A00501EN 2 GP2Y0D02YK0F Absolute Maximum Ratings Parameter Supply voltage , Unit V Sheet No.: E4-A00501EN 3 GP2Y0D02YK0F Fig. 1 Timing chart Vcc (Power supply -
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PT-2130FP djlxt971 IM540 S2000A inverter Siemens Relais Datenbuch AT-DEC71 LN11CP23 P393-ND LN11WP24 P395-ND LN11WP34
Abstract: -bit digital output GP2Y0D21YK0F 80 cm 1-bit digital output GP2Y0D02YK0F Range of distance DigiKey Electronics Catalog
schematic diagram atx Power supply 500w pioneer PAL 012A 600va numeric ups circuit diagrams winbond bios 25064 TLE 9180 infineon smsc MEC 1300 nu LN086WP38 LN11WP23 LN11WP38 LN117WP23 LN142WP38 P509-ND
Abstract: , GP2Y0D02YK0F long distance measuring sensor unit (No external control signal required), digital voltage output , , GP2Y0D810Z0F GP2Y0D02YK0F, GP2Y0A02YK0F GP2Y0A700K0F Sensors Emitters (Infrared) Electro-optical Sharp
Sharp IS471FE GP1S195HCPSF pc3sh13 GP1FA513TZ0F pc123 opto GP1S194HCZ0F PC367NJ0000F PC354NJ0000F PC364NJ0000F PC3H71 PC4H510NIP0F
Abstract: Copyright © 2005, Sharp Electronics Corp. All Rights Reserved. Chapter 12 ­ Use of Optical Sensor Units 12-1 Chapter 12 ­ Use of Optical Sensor Units 12-2 Chapter 12 ­ Use of Optical Sensor Units 12-3 GP2D120XJ00F GP2D150AJ00F (15 cm) GP2D12J0000F GP2D15J0000F (24 cm) GP2Y0A02YKF GP2Y0D02YKF (80 cm) GP2D12J0000F and GP2D15J0000F is shown in Fig. 12-3, and the characteristics in Fig. 12-4. As can be seen, the Chapter 12 ­ Use of Optical Sensor Units 12-4 Sharp
light following robot diagram sharp color copier sharp washing machine circuit diagram sharp washing machine REFLECTIVE SENSOR sharp Optical proximity sensor sharp 2002/95/EC
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