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TPS61150DRCRT Texas Instruments Dual, 2x 27V, 700mA Switch, 1.2MHz Boost Converter with Single Inductor White LED driver (up to 2x6) 10-VSON -40 to 85
EL4511CUZ-T7A Intersil Corporation Super Sync Separator; QSOP24; Temp Range: 0° to 70°
ISL6146BFRZ Intersil Corporation Low Voltage ORing FET Controller; DFN8, MSOP8; Temp Range: -40° to 125°C
EL5236IYZ-T13 Intersil Corporation Dual Ultra Low Noise Wideband Amplifiers; MSOP8, SOIC8; Temp Range: -40° to 85°C

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Part : A9NS3-8GERCR/AF Supplier : ABB Manufacturer : Newark element14 Stock : - Best Price : $796.56 Price Each : $914.1700
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GE rcrt

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Abstract: GE Consumer & Industrial Power Protection Control and Automation For industrial applications Electronic relays ED.03 GE imagination at work Electronic relays Order codes F.3 Series NMV , ) Cat. no. Ref. no. RCRT 6 - 60AN(2) RCRT 6 - 60AJ (3) Pack 1 1 Motor re-start control relay (plug in) RCRT Direct(1) 1 changeover Technical data: see F.11 123624 123623 Electronic , . F.10 Series D RCRT. Motor re-start control relay (plug-in) Function RCRT. The relay is GE Power Protection
DINIL-03 GE rcrt 6-60 DINIL-02 NMMFV RDT2400VEN DINIL-02E H-1340 B-9000 C/4601/E/EX
Abstract: Ite -21 -1.2 Ite 28 5.6 KfeteY e 52 dB; Contiruad cn rcrt pege «aitirued frcn preceding pa ge -
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ov8d AY 5 3500 734KH
Abstract: Parameters FR FO T l ,TH DC T rcR'T rcf Description Frequency Range Frequency Offset Pulse Width, Low , ). +3.3V+5% Operating Temperature R an ge. 0 -
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IL 741 IL 741 M VSC7136 8B/10B G52171 AN-20
Abstract: . Figure 12. S egm en t Trap a n d A ck n ow led ge Tim ing 174 ZILOG INC Pin Description 17E D , dtmtnalOM tr * In tnchM. To c o n rcrt to m llhnM tcn, multiply by 25.4. 561 ZILOG INC PACKAGE -
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Z8010 Z8000 1s463 Z8010-MMU zilog z8001 Z8001 Z8003 002TYP
Abstract: risin g (tra ilin g ) ed ge of A S T B strobes the k ey d ata on pins A U X 0- A U X 7 into the ap p ro , sign als (M D S , S D S ) must chan ge synchronously w ith this c lock in put, as must M aster P o rt A , and S la v e P ort F la g outputs' (A F L G , M F L G , and S F L G ) chan ge synchronously w ith the , ed in te rn a lly on the rising ed ge of M aster Po rt A d dress Stro b e (M A S ). ' W h e n C /K is , ed ge of M A S and a re subsequently decod ed to en ab le read in g and w ritin g of the D C P 's in -
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393S CIP 8D Z8068 G0121S1 Z80G8/Z9518 Z8068/Z9518
Abstract: . Z-BUS Interrupt A ck n ow led ge C y cle - ( VE C TO R ^- v ~ f f f Figure 12. Non-Z-BUS Interrupt A ck n ow led ge C y cle CPU to CPU Operation DMA Operation. The FIO is particularly well -
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dcp 4 z Z- FIO Z8038/Z8538 Z8060
Abstract: tra n sm it voice data, w hich typ ica lly occurs w h en playin g back a g re etin g m essa ge or , DTE. R e m o te D ig ita l L o o p b a ck w ith S e lf T e s t. An in te rn a lly ge ne rated p a tte , T I3 0 /V V a ` OfOI fra n o 9 *W e aN O ov lv j X x m" ) J 3( 1 05 a § o o | . O O rCrt « Z -
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ITT daa 288 Manual inverter vfc 1200 ATIC 107 RC288AC EIA/TIA-232-E J22198