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Abstract: Material & Finish Shell: Contact: Insulator: Current Rating: Dielectric Strength: Insulator Resistance: Temperature: Male/Male Position Steel, Zinc plated or TIn plated. Male is brass, Female is phosphor bronze Gold plated over nickel. PBT & Glass-Fibre reinforced UL-94-VO UL-94-VO 5 Amp 1000V for one minute 1000mohm Min. at 500V DC -55°c to +105°C GC-09P/09P GC-09P/09P GC-09S/09S GC-09S/09S , GC-15P/15P GC-15P/15P GC-15S/15S GC-15S/15S 25.25 GC-25P/25P GC-25S/25S GC-25S/25S GC-37P/37P GC-37P/37P GC-37S/37S GC-37S/37S 18.33 38.96 55.42 24.66 ... Original

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transistor GC transistor 1000V 66-38 UL-94-VO GC-09P/09P GC-09S/09S GC-15P/15P GC-15S/15S GC-25P/25P GC-25S/25S GC-37P/37P GC-37S/37S UL-94-VO abstract
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Abstract: Source ISO 9001 Formerly IN D U S T R IA L CO M PUTER SOURCE ICS Advent: Leading From Strength For over fifteen years, ICS Advent out of every one of our product has leveraged solid technical offerings. strengths, extensive applications Today, ICS Advent is a leading expertise, collaborative customer < worldwide one-source partner for relationships and innovative advanced computing solutions that product designs to provide industry provide the underlying foundation leadership in the ... OCR Scan

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9pin rs232 D-connector to 25 pin rs422 3 phase ac motor speed control LPT port male D-type PC MOTHERBOARD msi SERVICE MANUAL rocketport Thomas Betts IDC female sync rs-485 SDLC uart 16c650 motor driver ic 74LS245 scsi card 29160 hp 530 motherboard circuit and solution datasheet abstract
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