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Abstract: ULTRA SLIMPAK® G468-0001 AC Input Field Configurable Isolator Provides an Isolated DC Output in Proportion to an AC Input Description Benefits Eliminates Ground Loops Field Configurable Input Ranges: 50mV to 250VAC 250VAC, 5mA to 5A AC Field Configurable Outputs: 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-1mA, 0-20-mA and 4-20mA Ultra Slim Housing for High Density Installations Flexible Power Supply Accepts 9 to 30 , Information Specify: 1. Model: G468-0001 2. Accessories: (see Accessories) 3. Optional Custom Factory ... Original

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0-10V 0-500mV 4-20ma DIGITAL CURRENT SOURCE c620 C664 EN50081-1 EN50082-2 G468 1800VDC G468-0001 0-500mVAC LR42272 G468-0001 abstract
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Abstract: , 4-20mA) G468-0001.V1 Isolator 50mV AC to 250VAC 250VAC 50mA AC to 100mA AC 12.6mm DC Voltage ... Original

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Q488 Q408-A000 Q406-A002 AP4003 q406 transistor V437-3000-1 Q425 AP1090 AP7380 RTD SENSING CIRCUIT 4-20mA AP4380 AP6380 q476 AP1280 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: PANEL INSTRUMENTATION Find Datasheets Online ANALOG (2%) CENTURY PANEL METERS Attractive, easy-to-read meters in black plastic case with glass window. All models shown have black knife-edge pointer and ´┐Ż accuracy. UL recognized. Many other ranges available; go online or call. Order external shunts separately on page 1896. ROUND AND RECTANGULAR PANEL METERS DC VOLTMETERS WITH SELF-SHIELDING METER MOVEMENT Range 0-5 0-10 0-15 0-25 0-30 0-50 0-100 0-150 Ohms 1K Per V Model 2121 1.5 Stock No. ... Original

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55F2600 7 Segment sm 41056 stepper motor 17PM cd 1619 CP fm radio digital dC Ammeter UP 5035 LCD METER 5 pin relay 12vdc 4088 datasheet abstract
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