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EC70/34/17-3C94 Ferroxcube International Holding BV FERRITE CORE visit Digikey
CORE1553BRM-OM Microsemi Corporation IP MODULE CORE1553 BUS/REMOTE visit Digikey
COREPCIF-OM Microsemi Corporation IP MODULE COREPCIF visit Digikey
CORE1553BRM-AR Microsemi Corporation IP MODULE CORE1553 BUS/REMOTE visit Digikey
CORE1553BRT-AN Microsemi Corporation IP MODULE CORE1553 REMOTE TERM visit Digikey
COREU1LL-AR Microsemi Corporation IP MODULE COREU1LL visit Digikey

Ferroxcube core EC70

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Abstract: FERROXCUBE DATA SHEET EC70 EC cores and accessories Supersedes data of February 2002 2004 Sep 01 Ferroxcube EC cores and accessories EC70 CORE SETS Effective core parameters , .1 EC70 core half. Core halves AL measured in combination with an non-gapped core half, unless stated , 0 EC70-3C81 EC70-3C90 Note 1. Measured in combination with an equal gapped core half , 100 °C Ferroxcube EC cores and accessories EC70 COIL FORMERS General data 8-slots EC70 Ferroxcube
EC70-3C81-E250 EC70-3C90 EC70 CORES EC70-3C8 EC70 3c90 6-32NC-2A EC70 E44716 MGC407 EC70-3C81-E315 EC70-3C81-E400 EC70-3C81-A630 EC70-3C81-A1000
Abstract: Ferroxcube Soft Ferrites EC cores and accessories CBW267 2002 Feb 01 1 Ferroxcube Soft Ferrites EC cores and accessories PRODUCT OVERVIEW AND TYPE NUMBER STRUCTURE Product overview EC cores CORE TYPE Ve (mm3) Ae (mm2) EC 41 - 3C90 - A 250 - X MASS (g , (um) EC52 18800 180 56 EC70 40100 279 127 gap type: A - unsymmetrical gap to AL value E - symmetrical gap to AL value G - mechanical gap core material core size core type -
CBW082 CBW083 EC35 bobbin ec70 bobbin coil ec41 EC52 Ferroxcube EC52 EC bobbin
Abstract: equal to the sum of the core losses. 2002 Feb 01 22 Ferroxcube Soft Ferrites , ; `-' = unfavourable. 2002 Feb 01 31 Ferroxcube Soft Ferrites Applications CORE , Ferroxcube Soft Ferrites Applications APPLICATIONS Material requirements , 01 Fig.2 Suppression application. 18 Ferroxcube Soft Ferrites Applications , .4 Smoothing/storage application. 19 Ferroxcube Soft Ferrites Applications PULSE TRANSFORMERS -
smd diode 3s4 smd transistor e42 SMD IC 3H3 ferroxcube 3E1 3R1 toroid push-pull converter design MBW404 MBW403 MBW360 MBW422
Abstract: resistivity m (l/A) core factor (C1) mm-1 2002 Feb 01 6 Ferroxcube Soft Ferrites , specification Development This data sheet contains preliminary data. Ferroxcube reserves the right to , . Ferroxcube reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice in order to improve design and , reasonably be expected to result in personal injury. Ferroxcube customers using or selling these products for use in such applications do so at their own risk and agree to fully indemnify Ferroxcube for any Philips Components
PHILIPS toroidal core 2P80 PHILIPS toroidal core 3c90 Philips Components, Soft Ferrites 3C11 philips 3e1 ferrite material ETD29-3C90 PHILIPS toroidal core 4a11 TN27/15/11-2P40 TN27/15/11-2P50 TN27/15/11-2P65 TN27/15/11-2P80 TN27/15/11-2P90 TN33/20/11
Abstract: termination F - Flat L - Long Associated Core Type \ , f FERROKCUBE FERROXCUBE UK Ltd RE: FERROXCUBE ORDERING CODES Ferroxcube use a 12 digit code number to identify their products. The 12thdigit , !r0 FERROKCUBE Description by Part Number List FERROXCUBE PART NUMBERS 12NC BREAKDOWN 43 , accessory = pair = pair = single CLEAR TEXT CODING E 32 / 16 / 9 - 3E25 Core Shape Size Material 1 , Ferroxcube Accessories Issue A, Issue date 27/07/00. These tables are for reference only: Part Numbers -
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3H1 ferroxcube ferroxcube 3E2 4322-020-34420 43220203440 4330-030-34220 432202034400 T18/11/I-3F3-A160 PT18/11 PT18/11/I-3F3-A315 PTS18/11/I-3C81
Abstract: index Ferroxcube Linear ferrite materials Cores for power applications in Ferroxcube grade A16 (3C8 , Miscellaneous cores: Ecores H core assembly Cross cores (X-cores) Vinkor pot cores (to BS4061 range 1) RM -
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B2X84 cm .02m z5u 1kv pin configuration of BFW10 la4347 TRIAC TAG 9322 ZP1490 BS9000 D3007 HE4000B