FU-44SLD Datasheet

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FU-44SLD-1 Mitsubishi Laser Diode, 3mW Power, 1330nm Wave Length, 10mA Current Scan


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Abstract: blE D â  bE4cJÛEcî Q0147bl 711 «riITS MITSUBISHI (DISCRETE SC) FU-44SLD-1 UpmLD Module with Singlemode Fiber Pigtail Module type FU-44SLD-1 has been developed for coupling a singlemode , â  Diodes are hermetically sealed ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Tld=25'C) FU-44SLD-1 Items Symbols , II THERMISTOR 12 THERMISTOR 13 NC 14 COOLER CATHODE BOTTOM VIEW FU-44SLD-1 A MITSUBISHI , ) DGm?b2 bSS «MITS FU-44SLD-1 1.3 um LD Module with Singlemode Fiber Pigtail CHARACTERISTICS (Tc -
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LASER DIODE fiber Q0147
Abstract: blE J > m MITSUBISHI bEMRflST GD147b4 4Bñ « M I T S ( D I S C R E T E SC) FU-44SLD-7 1.3 mm LD Module with Singlemode Fiber Pigtail M odule ty p e F U -4 4 S L D -7 h a s been , tp u t m o n ito r FU-44SLD-7 D iodes a re h e rm e tic a lly sealed ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS , D NI T S U B I S H I m bEMTflE^ D 0 1 4 7 bS 3 b 4 « N I T S (D IS C R E T E SC) FU-44SLD-7 , STO « M I T S ( D I S C R E T E SC) FU-44SLD-7 1.3 n m LD Module with Singlemode Fiber -
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lem 731 lem* 731 GD147
Abstract: blE J > m hEMIflET 00147bl 711 « H I T S HITSUBISHI (DISCRETE SC) FU-44SLD-1 1.3 mm LD , monitor D iodes are herm etically sealed FU-44SLD-1 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Tld=25c C) Items , ANODE LD CATHODE LD ANODE, GND THERMISTOR THERMISTOR NC COOLER CATHODE FU-44SLD-1 A MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC 7-27 blE D GG147b2 bSS H I T S MITSUBISHI (DISCRETE SC) FU-44SLD-1 1.3 m m , ELECTRIC LIE D I b24c ifi2c i GG147L.3 511 HITS MITSUBISHI (DISCRETE SC) FU-44SLD-1 1.3 -
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thermistor 10 SP GG147
Abstract: MI T S U B I S H I (D IS C R E T E SC) blE D bEHTflE'ì G a m i c i 31T MITS Am itsubishi ELECTRONIC DEVICE GROUP ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (TLD = 25°C) Symbol V rl If Tc T stg OPTOELECTRONICS FU-44SLD-80 Items Reverse voltage Forward current Operating case temperature Storage temperature Laser diode Conditions - Pulse (note 1) - Ratings 2 1.1 -1 5 -6 5 -4 0 -7 0 Unit V A °C °C N o t e l: Pulse cond itio n = P ulse w id th < 1j j s . Duty ratio < 1 -
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