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FT5766M Fujitsu Silicon Darlington Transistor Array Scan
FT5766M N/A The Transistor Manual (Japanese) 1993 Scan


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Abstract: FUJITSU MICROELECTRONICS 31E D Q 374=57^5 001bb74 t> E3FMI FUJITSU January 1990 Edition 1.1 PRODUCT PROFILE - FT5763M, FT5766M Silicon Darlington Transistor Array FT5763M, FT5766M ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Ta = 25'C) Rating Symbol Condition Value Unit Storage Temperature T.fl -55 ~+150 °C Junction Temperature Ti +150 °C Collector to Base Voltage VCBO 150 V Emitter to , T-43-25 FT5763M, FT5766M DC CURRENT GAIN SWITCHING TIME 20« to« 6k 2k IK 600 1 1 Vrp 3 -
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FT5763 VCC-30V1-I
Abstract: January 1990 Edition 1.1 PRO DUCT P RO FILEZ FUJITSU FT5763M, FT5766M Silicon Darlington Transistor Array FT5763M , FT5766M A BSO LUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS R a tin g S to ra g e T e m p e ra tu re J u n c tio n T e m p e ra tu re C o lle c to r t o Base V o lta g e E m itte r t o Base V o lta g e C o lle c to r t o E m itte r V o lta g e (C o n tin u o u s ) C o lle c to r C u rre n t (P ulsed , cfro n k*. In c. 3-21 FT5763M, FT5766M D C C U R R E N T G A IN S W IT C H IN G T IM E -
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Abstract: 1.5 2 1.5 0.003 FT5766M a±® GD 150 100 1. 5 1.5 10 100 2000 15000 5 0. 75 1.5 2 0. 75 0. 0015 , . 4* 2.1* (Power SIP-12) , Da, AR FT5766M 0. 6* 0.6* 1.8* (Power SIP-12) -
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FT5753M FT5754M FT5755M FT5755ML FT5756M FT5757M FT5769M FT5758ML FT5758M ft5748m FT5747M FT5748M
Abstract: FT5760M FT5761M FT5763M FT5766M FT5764M FT5767M FT5769M FT5770M FT5776M FT5777M FT5778M FT5786M FT5787M -
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NPN 337 FT5754 PNP DARLINGTON ARRAYS ft5769 FT5764 FT5761 FT5750M FT5759M
Abstract: FT5756M No FT5766M C irc u it C FT5757M FT5767M C irc u it C FT5758M C irc u it D F T5759M PNP 4 , 6000 PAGE FT5763M F T5764M NPN FT5766M FT5767M FT5769M PNP FT5770M NPN PNP FT5786M FT5787M -
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FT5754M Pin d5 transistor npn FT5758