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SSCSFNN001PGAA5 Honeywell Sensing and Control TruStability® SSC Series-Standard Accuracy, ±2% total error band, analog, SIP, FN: fastener mount, single axial barbed port, gage, 0 psi to 1 psi, 5.0 Vdc, dry gases only, no special options ri Buy
526-31AN25-402 Honeywell Sensing and Control 500 Series surface temperature probe, NTC, 4,000 Ohm, ±1.0% tolerance, ESA/SCC-4006-001-06 accuracy, aluminum, adhesion, flying leads (two), 24 gauge Kapton insulation, 305 mm [12 in] ri Buy
BM-1R2450 Honeywell Sensing and Control BM Series Standard Basic Switch, Single Pole Double Throw Circuitry, 22 A at 277 Vac, Pin Plunger Actuator, 3,06 N to 6,12 N [11.0 oz to 22.0 oz] Operating Force, Silver Contacts, Solder Termination, UL, CSA, CE, ENEC ri Buy

FN 346-1.6/06 Datasheet

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FN 346-1.6/06 Schaffner Power Misc, Power Entry Module, Industrial

44 pages,
1000.4 Kb

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FN 346-1.6/06

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Abstract: MPC5644A MPC5644A Microcontroller Reference Manual Devices Supported: MPC5644A MPC5644A MPC5643A MPC5643A MPC5644ARM MPC5644ARM Rev. 4 11 Sep 2010 MPC5644A MPC5644A Microcontroller Reference Manual, Rev. 4 Freescale Semiconductor 1 Preliminary-Subject to Change Without Notice MPC5644A MPC5644A Microcontroller Reference Manual, Rev. 4 2 Freescale Semiconductor Preliminary-Subject to Change Without Notice Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 The MPC5644A MPC5644A Microcontroller Family . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... Original

1756 pages,
8657.18 Kb

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