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RI-STU-251B-01 Texas Instruments RI-STU-251B-01 Series 2000 Reader S251B ri Buy
RI-I11-114B-01 Texas Instruments Tag-it(TM) HF-I Standard Transponder Inlays Square 0-RFIDN -25 to 70 ri Buy
RI-I17-114A-01 Texas Instruments Tag-it(TM) HF-I Standard Transponder Inlays CD 0-RFIDN ri Buy


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Abstract: 8b 16b INTB D0-D15 D0-D15 CSB RDB WRB FR0B FR1B ACK0B ACK1B A0-A7 FEDL7074-003DIGEST-01 OKI Semiconductor ML7074-004GA ML7074-004GA BLOCK DIAGRAM 2/29 FEDL7074-003DIGEST-01 OKI , 57 SYNC L7074-004 L7074-004 64-pin plastic QFP 3/29 FEDL7074-003DIGEST-01 OKI Semiconductor , 4/29 FEDL7074-003DIGEST-01 OKI Semiconductor Pin No. 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 , input 2: Normally input "0". 5/29 FEDL7074-003DIGEST-01 OKI Semiconductor ML7074-004GA ML7074-004GA ... Original

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QFP64-P-1414-0 ML7074-004GA g.729 codec chip G.729 chip G.711 FR1B 4.096 mhz crystal FEDL7074-004DIGEST-01 ML7074-004GA abstract
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Abstract: OKI Semiconductor ML7074-003 ML7074-003 GA FEDL7074-003DIGEST-01 Issue Date: Oct. 27, 2003 VoIP CODEC GENERAL DESCRIPTION The ML7074-003GA ML7074-003GA is a speech CODEC for VoIP. This LSI allows selection of G.729.A, G.726, or G.711 standard as a speech CODEC. The LSI is optimum for adding VoIP functions to TAs, routers, etc., since it has the functions of an echo canceller for 32 msec delay, DTMF detection, tone detection, tone generation, etc. FEATURES ยท Single 3.3 V power supply operation (DVDD0, 1, 2, AVDD: 3.0 ... Original

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QFP64-P-1414-0 ML7074-003GA GDND g.729 codec chip FEDL7074-003FULL-01 G.729 chip G.711 LR2 D13 ML7074-003 FEDL7074-003DIGEST-01 ML7074-003 abstract
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