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FEB157 evaluation board

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Abstract: Description The FEB157 evaluation board is an offline flyback converter utilizing the PWM controller , www.fairchildsemi.com FEB157-001 User's Guide Offline High Brightness LED Driver Evaluation , 1. Introduction 1.1 Product Description A high brightness LED evaluation board has been developed , . The current is selectable by inserting or removing jumpers JP1 and JP2 on the evaluation board. The , controlling the current. In this evaluation board a method utilizing sense resistors and an NPN transistor is ... Fairchild Semiconductor

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DF10S FAN7554D TRANSFORMER CT 1A LM LED driver high voltage 250V EFD20 bobbin with 12 pin CTX-01-178 EFD20 bobbin b322 TRANSISTOR FQD2N80 KEYSTONE 5001 RTH1 THERMISTOR FEB157 CTX0117 FEB157-001 FAN7554 EFD20 no y-cap FEB157-001 FAN7554 FAN7554 FEB157-001 FAN7554 FEB157 evaluation board FEB157-001 FAN7554 FEB157-001 evaluation board FEB157-001 FAN7554 FDQ2N80 FEB157-001 FAN7554 NPX104M275VX2M FEB157-001 FAN7554 FAN7554 equivalent FEB157-001 FAN7554 FEB157-001 FEB157-001 FAN7554 TEXT
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