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Part : F10P03L Supplier : Harris Semiconductor Manufacturer : Rochester Electronics Stock : 4,321 Best Price : $0.82 Price Each : $1.01
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F10P04Q Datasheet

Part Manufacturer Description PDF Type
F10P04Q N/A The Diode Data Book with Package Outlines 1993 Scan
F10P04Q Nihon Inter Electronics SCHOTTKY BARRIER DIODE Scan


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Abstract: SCHOTTKY BARRIER DIODE 11A/30- 40V C10P03Q C10P04Q F10P03Q F10P04Q FEATURES °Similar to T0-220AB Case °Fully Molded Isolation (F-Type) ° Dual Diodes - Cathode Common ° Low Forward Voltage Drop » Low Power Loss, High Efficiency ° High Surge Capability ° 20 Volts thru 100 Volts Types , wave conduction Tc - 95°C Io Full sinusoidal wave conduction Tc = 100°C C10P04Q F10P04Q 40 45 Rating , F10P04Q -
OCR Scan
C10P0 F10PMQ
Abstract: 1.75 Grams MAXIMUM RATINGS _. Voltage Rating TYPE Symbol ♦C10P0 3Q ♦F10P03Q C10P04Q F10P04Q Unit , Mounting Torque Ftor Recommended torque 0.5 (5.1) N«m (kgf»cm) C10P03Q C10P04Q F10P03Q F10P04Q , Material Copyrighted By Its Respective Manufacturer C10P03Q C10P04Q F10P03Q F10P04Q FIG l-FORWARO VOLTAGE -
OCR Scan
jrm 45 F10P DDD2D37 CMPMMF10PMQ
Abstract: F10P04Q FCQ10A04 141 F10P06Q FCQ10A06 142 F10P09Q FCH10A10 143 F10P10Q FCH10A10 144 F10P20F Nihon Inter Electronics
11ES2 NSF03B60 FSF05B60 SF05A60-11TSF05B60-11A FCF20B60 C30P10Q FSF10B60 30pfb60 11ES1 10EDB10 10EDB20 10JDA10 10JDA20
Abstract: SBJfí 4a f10p04q b*4>?- 45 40 10 120 0. 55 5 5 mA 40 î^tvhhf UM' 3t>). SBJF5 4a f10p05q 55 -
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F10P20FR F25P09QS FMB-24H FMB-24L FMB-24M f6p20f F8P04Q F10P30F 47-K7 F25POBQS 47-K3
Abstract: SBJfí 4A f10p04q B*4>?- 45 40 10 120 0. 55 5 5 mA 40 î^tvhhf UM' 3t>). SBJF5 4A f10p05q 55 -
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1591c F10P40F FMB-23L F16P10FS FSP03Q
Abstract: calculated. Supposing that periodic pulses of 1 ms width, 10W peak and 10% duty are applied to F10P04Q. , FRDs are as follows; (TO-22GAB package) or F10P04Q (Fully molded TO220AB package) are suggested. (b , 5 8 15 30 60 Type F10P04Q F10P20F C25P40F 60KQ40 Die 5A SBD 2pcs 5A FRD 2pcs 12A FRD 2pcs 60A SBD , - uKvroncs APPLICATION NOTE RELIABILITY TEST REPORT Device Type F10P04Q Device Outline Twin -
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30DL4 diode 5n fast recovery diodes jointal Z 30dl4 OF TO220 f5kq100 JIS-C7021 40VDC
Abstract: C10P05Q F8P04Q F10P02QL F10P03Q F10P04Q F10P06Q F10P09Q F16P03QS F15P04QS F16P05QS F16P06QS F16P09QS -
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FEN30DP motorola diode cross reference replacement UF5402 1m5819 IR 30D1 diode IR 30D1 10DF2 "cross reference" 1N5817 1N5818 1M5819 MBR150 MBR160 MBR190
Abstract: C10P09Q 10GWJ2C42 SBL1040CT C10P04Q F10P04Q MA750 MA749/A MA7D49 MA752/A 1SS349 CMPAK URP 1SS378 1SS367 -
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1SS1586 1SS211 MA151WK FC54M FC53M diode cross reference 1s1555 diode cross reference 1s2473 RLS135 "cross reference" DO-41 1SS267 1S1555 1S1588 1SS104 1S1553
Abstract: F10KQ90B F10KQ100 F10KQ100B F10P02QL F10P03Q F10P03QL F10P04Q F10P05Q F10P06Q F10P09Q F10P10F -
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10EF1 11DF2 NSQ03A04 30KF60B C25P10Q F10KF20B EP05Q04 C8P04Q 1N4001 1N4002 1N4004 1N4005 1N4006 1N4007
Abstract: C10P06Q C10P09Q C10P10Q FCH10A10 F10P02Q L F10P03Q L F 10P03Q F10P04Q F 10P05Q F10P06Q F10P09Q F 10P 100 -
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F10P100 30MF40R 60KQ10B 12MF30 C16P04Q 30MF40 11EQS03L 11EQS02L 11EQ03 11EQ04 11EQ05 11EQ06