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VRE210C Apex Microtechnology Inc IC VREF SERIES PREC 10V 20-CLCC ri Buy
VRE210CA-5 Apex Microtechnology Inc IC VREF SERIES PREC 10V 20-CLCC ri Buy
VRE102CA-3 Apex Microtechnology Inc IC VREF SERIES PREC +-10V 14CDIP ri Buy

EXR 220uF 10V

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Abstract: Alphanumeric display 4.5V to 5.5V INPUT D1 CMPSH-3 C1 1uF 10V 4 R1 120k C2 1.8nF C3 22pF 2 IN BST COMP U1 MAX1966 MAX1966 DH C5 220uF 10V OS-CON 1 8 C4 , ) 0.1uF ceramic capacitor (0805) 220uF 10V organic semiconductor capacitor Sanyo 10SA220M 10SA220M 22uF 6V X5R , D2 EC31 QS02L QS02L C8 2.2nF FB 3.3V@8A C7 820uF 6V EXR R2 31.6k 3 R3 10.0k , D2 1 L1 1 N1 1 R1 R2 R3 U1 1 1 1 1 DESCRIPTION 1uF 10V X7R ceramic ... Original

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capacitor 22PF DO5022P EC31 exr 220uf JMK325BJ226MM LMK212BJ105MG sanyo electrolytic capacitor MAX1966 Resistor 120K fds mosfet 220uF 10V Electrolytic Capacitor Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor 22UF/6V data sheet capacitor 22uf datasheet abstract
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Abstract: 0.12A 500kHz PWM, external FET, transformer, SLIC supply 57 Inverting, multi-output 10V to , PWM, external FET 72 Step-Down 10V to 20V 5V 1A 200kHz PWM, external FET, 95% , current 77 Step-Down 12V 1.0V to 5.5V 12A 200kHz PWM, external FETs, digitally , 300kHz PWM, external FET 241 Step-Down 9V to 19V 1.0V/1.2V 4.5A 100kHz PWM, external , 253 Step-Down 12V 1.8V 7.2A 500kHz PWM, external FET 256 Step-Down 10V to 20V ... Original

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12-0-12 transformer design SONY APS 259 12-0-12 transformer used 24v dc supply n channel to252 30v 45A SONY APS 283 power supply maxim power supply cookbook transorb diode smd list 3055L equivalent 9435a charger 6.5a 18.5v schematic MPSA06 fairchild transistor datasheet abstract
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