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ETD29-3C90 Datasheet

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ETD29-3C90 Philips Semiconductors / NXP Semiconductors ETD cores and accessories

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Abstract: ] ETD29-3C90 n WE-3657H WE-3657H 2x7 24,8 6x5,08 25,4 CKo6aWE-250 ETD29-3F3 ETD29-3F3 KopnycWE-2528 ETD34-3C90 ETD34-3C90 w WE-3671H WE-3671H ... OCR Scan

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ETD54 ETD44-3F3 etd59 ETD-49 ETD49-3F3 ETD44-3C90 WE-3686 ETD34-3F3 WE-3701H WE-3698H WE-3683H ETD59-3F3 3C90 ETD49-3C90 ETD39-3F3 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: 1850 0 ETD29-3C85 ETD29-3C85 3C90 2350 ±25% 1850 0 ETD29-3C90 3F3 2200 ±25% 1700 ... Original

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ETD29 Philips coil former 3C90 3C85 Core 3C85 ETD29 3C85 core 3c85 ETD 34 3c85 ETD29 core Philips T coil former ETD29 core Al ETD29-3F3 CPH-ETD29-1S-13P ETD29-3C30 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: ETD29-3C90 3C94 2350 ±25% 1770 0 ETD29-3C94 ETD29-3C94 3C96 2200 ±25% 1660 0 ETD29-3C96 ETD29-3C96 ... Original

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CPH-ETD49 CSCI-ETD34-1S-7P core ferroxcube CLI-ETD29 E45329 CPH-ETD29-1S-13P ETD34-3C96 ETD44 ETD34-3C94 3C90 core ETD49-3C90 ETD 39 ETD39 3c90 ETD39-3C90 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: NUMBER 3C90 2350 ±25% 1770 0 ETD29-3C90 3C94 2350 ±25% 1770 0 ETD29-3C94 ETD29-3C94 ... Original

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3C90 bobin type CBW589 ETD49-3F3 coil former Etd44 core ETD34 ETD-49 application note ferroxcube ETD34 ETD34-3C94 3C85 ferroxcube ETD49 25 6 ETD 34 3c85 ETD44 CLI-ETD29 ETD29 ETD29 ETD29 abstract
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Abstract: MAIN MAIN MENU MENU CONVERSION LIST Philips Components Conversion list Type number to 11NC Conversion list type number to 11NC Product status definitions STATUS INDICATION DEFINITION Prototype PROT These are products that have been made as development samples for the purposes of technical evaluation only. The data for these types is provisional and is subject to change. Design-in DES These products are recommended for new designs. Preferred PREF ... Original

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43220213468 philips RM6 3C85 43220213430 philips P11/7-3c81 RM5-3B7-A160 TN19-11-10 RM6S/I-3C85-A160 cpv pq35/35 P22/13-3B7 3C80 philips P14/8-3H1-A315/N philips rm8 3C85 a250 E71/33/32-3C90 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Soft Ferrites and Accessories Contents Introduction Quality Environmental aspects of soft ferrites Ordering information Applications Literature and reference publications Ferrite materials survey and specifications - Ferrite materials survey - Material specifications and graphs Specialty ferrites - Machined ferrites - Ferrites for particle accelerators E cores and Accessories Planar E cores and Accessories (E, E/R, PLT, PLT/S) EC cores and Accessories EFD cores and Accessori ... Original

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philips ferroxcube 4c65 Mg-Zn Ferrites CSVS-RM6S/LP-1S-8P philips 3c96 PHILIPS toroidal cores TN ferroxcube 3E5 material characteristics philips 4b1 ferrite rod smd marking 330 e71 philips 3e1 ferrite material PHILIPS toroidal core 4a11 Philips Components, Soft Ferrites 3C11 push-pull converter design datasheet abstract
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* Library of magnetic core model parameters * $Revision: 2.1 $ * $Author: HIRASUNA $ * $Date: 11 May 2000 13:26:32 $ * The parameters in this model library were derived from the data sheets for * each core. *- * * The Jiles-Atherton magnetics model is described in: * * Theory of Ferromagnetic Hysteresis, by D C Jiles and D L Atherton, * Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, vol 61 (19
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