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Abstract: Digital Detection Algorithm Code Converter and Latch Q2 Zero Crossing Detectors Q3 Low ... Zarlink Semiconductor

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DTMF DEcoder FREQUENCY functional description of mt8870de MT8870D-1 MT8870DN MT8870DN1 MT8870DNR MT8870DNR1 MT8870DS MT8870DS1 MT8870DSR MT8870DSR1 MT8870D MT8870DS1-1 MT8870D/MT8870D-1 MT8870DE1-1 MT8870D/MT8870D-1 MT8870DE MT8870D/MT8870D-1 MT8870DE1 MT8870D/MT8870D-1 MT8870de dtmf decoder MT8870D/MT8870D-1 X-TAL 3.579545 Mhz MT8870D/MT8870D-1 DTMF decoder using MT8870DE MT8870D/MT8870D-1 MT8870D/MT8870D-1 MT8870D/MT8870D-1 TEXT
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Abstract: R17-2 injection Disable Tone Detectors for detecting valid disable tones at send and receive path inputs , phase reversal, the Tone Detector will trigger. The ZL50232 ZL50232 has two Tone Detectors per channels (for a , or externally. In automatic mode, the Tone Detectors internally control the switching between Enable ... Zarlink Semiconductor

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ZL50232QC ZL50232GD ZL50232 Canceller ZL50232QCG1 TEXT
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Abstract: frequency: 455kHz. (470kHz is also available.) - Most suitable for IC Station Detectors (SD). - Resonant ... Zarlink Semiconductor

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MT9076BPR MT9076BP1 MT9076BP MT9076B MT9076 MT9076BB1 MT9076BB MT9076BPR1 TEXT
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Abstract: 703101AG 703102agj-33 DW60 K2564 PM8383 STATES10 703100AGJ-33 BV EI 304 3160 . Inverting Gain and Transimpedance Amplifiers (convert current to voltage, such as photo detectors): a ... Renesas Electronics

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uPD70F3102A 703101AGJ prm400 uPD703102 uPD703101A uPD703101 U13502E tda 725 ifc25 TDA 6810 PCS17 pm111 TDA 2377 TEXT
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Abstract: BT71 PM8321 PRS130 PCS17 PM-8321 restoration Zero-crossing detectors High-speed sampling Window comparators High-speed signal triggering ... Renesas Electronics

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DW01 green hills compiler user manual V850 green hills compiler v850 manual OVF10 nec V850e architecture manual TM11 uPD703130GC-8EU uPD703130 tda 4225 u14985ej1v0um00 U14985E z141 prm400 TDA 2377 bc 331 TEXT
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Abstract: MC14007UB MC14007UB Dual Complementary Pair Plus Inverter The MC14007UB MC14007UB multipurpose device consists of three N-Channel and three P-Channel enhancement mode devices packaged to provide access to each device. These versatile parts are useful in inverter circuits, pulse-shapers, linear amplifiers, high input impedance amplifiers, threshold detectors, transmission gating, and functional gating. http://onsemi.com MARKING DIAGRAMS Features 14 PDIP-14 PDIP-14 P SUFFIX CASE 646 · Diode Protection on All ... Token Electronics

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450C ceramic filter 450 kHz LZU450C LZU450K3 Murata BFULA signal detection LZU450C4N CERAMIC FILTERS murata 450KHz ceramic filter murata 450khz filter TEXT
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statistical hypotheses [15], or convolving images with feature detectors [16] are far too computationally
Intel 02/02/1999 7.67 Kb HTM art_2b-v1.htm
Detectors fotodet.wks vis1.xls   Photomodules for Remote Control fotomod.wks
Siemens 01/12/1997 17.18 Kb HTM indx72.htm
; detectors. ; INPUT: w - Index into the table (0-15 value) ; OUTPUT: w - Constant at that index
UBICOM 24/11/2000 46 Kb SRC bell_103_full_dup_1_13.src
; Enable the frequency detectors mov w,#40 call @delay_n_ms ; Detect for 40ms clrb freq_det_en ; Disable the frequency detectors (Enabling the UARTs
UBICOM 24/11/2000 42.24 Kb SRC freq_det_1_02.src
No abstract text available
Siemens 27/02/1997 84.6 Kb DEF hlmenu.def
Retrieval by Parameters - Silicon Photodiodes viewing angle [degree] no restriction >=20 and >50 Package no restriction 3 mm 5 mm TO LEAD FRAME SMT DIL BROAD LEAD CLCC Photo Detectors    Optoelectronic Semiconductors    Retrieval - Main Menu
Infineon 03/11/1998 2.19 Kb HTM indx542.htm
No abstract text available
SGS-Thomson 12/05/1995 229.05 Kb PL 20636-v1.pl
comparators, level translators, window detectors, transducer preamplifiers, and in other sensing applications.
National 16/09/1998 11.67 Kb HTM nsc02898-v4.htm
detectors in disk file systems. Features Independent strobes Guaranteed high speed
National 16/08/2002 16.17 Kb HTM nsc03066-v5.htm
Application Note: Phase Detectors Phase Detectors Mini-Circuits high efficiency phase detectors are the only units in the world offering a figure-of-merit greater than 125. The figure-of-merit M or efficiency of a phase detector can be defined as the ratio of maximum DC output voltage (in mV) divided by the RF power (in dBm). The maximum DC output from these units Mini-Circuits' phase detectors, available in a wide variety of package styles. Modern Definition
Mini-Circuits 18/02/2002 2.94 Kb HTM detectors12-2.htm