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RF-HDT-DVBE-N0 Texas Instruments 13.56-MHz Overmolded Transponder based on Tag-it HF-I Standard die 0-RFIDP -25 to 90

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Decoder DVB

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Abstract: NXP DVB/DSS demodulator and turbo FEC decoder CX24114 Low-power advanced modulation , data transport stream to an audio/ video decoder chip. The CX24114 can decode DVB, DSS QPSK/BPSK , HDTV viewing preferences. DVB/DSS/DCII Viterbi/RS FEC Decoder DVB/DSS/DCII QPSK I A/D , decoder provides increased satellite system throughput by up to 35 percent utilizing existing bandwidth. Key features Ñ DVB/DSS/DCII compliant Ñ 8PSK/QPSK/BPSK demodulation Ñ Symbol rates ­ DVB: 15-30 NXP Semiconductors
turbo 8PSK NXP cx24114 bpsk demodulator chip Turbo Decoder satellite nxp set-top box turbo fec
Abstract: . MOTION COMPENSATION IDCT/IQ DECODER DVB TRANSPORT BACKEND INTERFACE DMA SDRAM VIDEO , RAM AUDIO CODECS Ikones is an MPEG-2 hardware decoder targeted for use in DVB set-top box , RAM/ROM TRANSPORT DEMUX VIDEO DECODER 16 MBIT SDRAM - ARM-RISC -CUSTOM HARDWARE DVB , Scalable to x2 in both X, Y. Other DVB, DSS, and DVD Scaling · · · · · · · · Factors are , MEMORY AUDIO 24-BIT DSP HOST BUS DEMODULATOR I/F Ikones is a MPEG-2 decoder targeted for use in Atmel
5.1 surround sound dolby circuits ac3 downmix decoder Audio CODECs musicam encoder video encoder mpeg
Abstract: . DiSEqC 2.x. DVB-S / DSS Network Interface Module SUB-D fem 25 DVB Frontend Base Board MPEG 2 decoder DVB / DSS-TS (LVDS) LNB SQP 6186 I/Q TUA6100 TUA 6100 RF power, DiSEqC Accessories DVB-S/DSS Network Interface Module V1.1 DVB Frontend Base Board V1.0 Software for I²C-bus , error statistics to monitor the quality of DVB reception. The DVB-S/DSS Network Interface Module is , Power: 30V 5V DVB / DSS-TS (TTL) 321 SUB-D male 25 TTL Parallel I²C CVBS LVDS Infineon Technologies
satellite tuner module satellite received board nim ttl DVB-S nim dvb power supply circuit diagram ttl nim B000-H0000-X-X-7600
Abstract: SC2000 Single-Chip Source Decoder Integraâ 2000 Solution for Set-Top Box Manufacturers Overview The SC2000 Source Decoder sets the performance, flexibility and functionality standard for , Integra 2000 set-top box platform, the SC2000 integrates the functions of DVB transport and MPEG , Decoder Features · High level of integration · Industry-standard TinyRISC 108 Mhz · · · · · · , -2) MP@ML-compliant DVB transport coprocessor and descrambler Unified OSG/CPU/Transport memory architecture and LSI Logic
SDP2000 LSI SC2000 MIPS Technologies TinyRISC video mixer SC2000 Single-Chip Source Decoder INTEGRA TECHNOLOGIES I20058
Abstract: (MPEG Encoder, DVD Decoder, DVB Demultiplexer and Decoder) · Unified Memory Architecture · Powerful , strategy, DSP, and servo controller) and high quality back end (DVD playback, DVB demultiplexing and , MPEG · 256Mb to 512Mb SDRAM configurations 02/06 IN Digital Video Decoder · DVD-Video , interlaced/progressive video output with independent OSD control · Embedded NTSC/PAL Video Decoder with , , and WMA formats. DV25 A/V Decoder The DV25 decoder decompresses the 1394/DV camcorder input. The Zoran
ZR35250 zr36721 vaddis digital video recorder circuit dvd dsp circuit zoran vaddis 9 ZR35220/ZR35230
Abstract: , DVD Decoder, DVB Demultiplexer and Decoder) · Unified Memory Architecture · Powerful 162 MHz 32 , strategy, DSP, and servo controller) and high quality back end (DVD playback, DVB demultiplexing and , Decode, Real-time Transcode to MPEG 06/07 IN Digital Video Decoder · DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, CVD , Decoder with Time Base Correction (TBC) and 3D Y/C Separation · Input video noise filtering (horizontal , , and WMA formats. DV25 A/V Decoder The DV25 decoder decompresses the 1394/DV camcorder input. The Zoran
zr35240 Usb circuit in vcd player ic 7472 Digital Recorder chipset for hdmi over ip zr35230 ZR35220/ZR35230/ZR35240
Abstract: the appropriate DSP demodulator/decoder. DVB Set-top Application Figure 2 shows the application of RC6505 in IF bandpass sampling decoder for 256QAM cable transmissions. Here, the sampling clock for the A -
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Abstract: Compiler, Low-Speed/Hybrid Serial Decoder DVB FEC Codec Reed-Solomon Decoder Reed-Solomon Encoder Viterbi , excess of 2 Mbps, the turbo decoder features a max-logMAP algorithm for maximum error correction and , solution available today. The Altera continuous Reed-Solomon decoder runs at over 96 MHz, yielding 760-Mbps throughput. The decoder can achieve 2.5 Gbps by using Reed-Solomon decoder functions in parallel-each decoder is positioned to process every fourth code word. The Reed-Solomon continuous decoder requires 2 Altera
soft 16 QAM modulation matlab code ofdm modem simulink GSM 900 simulink matlab 16 QAM modulation matlab code matlab code for audio equalizer wireless power transfer matlab simulink
Abstract: Broadcasting (DVB) has become almost universally adopted as the de facto standard for signal transmission. Moreover, DVB is gaining fast acceptance in North America. The DVB standard was originally developed in , evolving demands of several key industrialized nations sharing a relatively small geographic area. The DVB , broadcasting and will form the underlying technical framework for DBS systems for years to come. DVB has taken , ­3­ Market Size for DVB/DBS Receivers 17.6m (millions of units) 12.5m 8.4m 7.5m 5.2m National Semiconductor
qpsk demod set top box dvb Convolutional decoder satellite receiver for DVB 1999 viterbi convolution NDV6201 NDV6201QPSK
Abstract: ) decoder device as well as a high performance, low cost DVB compliant, front-end IC suited for both PC , CXD1961AQ OVERCOMING FRONT-END DESIGN CHALLENGES IN DVB APPLICATIONS T he era of , currently broadcasting programs based on DVB, the European digital video broadcast standard, and soon , integration in audio, video and peripheral LSIs (large scale integrated circuits) for DVB applications. This , DVB technology. The chip's maximum operating frequency of 60MHz enables a 20- 30MSPS (mega Sony
CXA3108Q CXA3038N CXD1930Q satellite decoder circuit diagram analog tuner CXD1930 dvb circuit diagram QPSK Demodulator
Abstract: Decoder core. It can be one of the following optimized types: CCSDS, ATSC, DVB or OC192 or it can be a , Hard coded parameters for DVB mode will be used to derive the decoder if this option is selected , Reed-Solomon Decoder September 2004 IP Data Sheet Features General Description , channel. A Reed-Solomon decoder at the receiver is used to recover any corrupted data. This type of , (CD) systems, Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) and Optical Carriers (e.g. OC-192). Selectable Lattice Semiconductor
LFEC20E-5F672C polynomial evaluator polynomial CD 4093 DATASHEET polynomials lpc 1764 LFX500B-04F516C
Abstract: integrates an All Format MPEG2 MP@HL video decoder, display processor with scan rate converter, an ATSC/DVB , MP@HL MPEG-2 decoder · ATSC/DVB/ARIB/DIRECTV compliant · Decodes 1 HD or 4 SD streams simultaneously , Video CCIR656 · ATSC · ARIB · DVB · DIRECTV Digital Video Decoder · MP@HL MPEG-2 · Decodes , TERA3359.SellSheets.ICs 12.15.00 10:46 AM Page 9 TL880 DTVPC Decoder HIGH DEFINITION EXPERIENCE The TL880 IC is a highly integrated All Format Digital TV decoder designed for the PC platform TeraLogic
pc to tv converter ic vga to tv converter ic tv to vga converter ic ANTENNA directv digital video mixer hd sd video converter IEC-958
Abstract: QPSK demodulator, Viterbi and Reed-Solomon decoder Serial or parallel output QAM ENCODING , DECODER Progam 1 CA MODULE MPEG2 AUDIO AND VIDEO DECODER Program 2 DIGITAL VIDEO ENCODER , converter, Integrated VCO, 22KHz generator QPSK demodulator, Viterbi and Reed-Solomon decoder Serial or , MEPG2 DECODER STi3520A Single chip MPEG2 A/V decoder Enhanced OSD generator PAL/NTSC support in , inserter, RGB or YC+CVBS outputs DIGITAL VIDEO ENCODER Programmable Demux, DVB descrambler, Teletext STMicroelectronics
composite video to rgb converter ic ST20-TP4 Audio Circuit with IC 701 stv0199a stv0199 serial parallel transport stream STV0042A STV0056A 64-TQFP STV0056AF IEEE-1284 IEE1394
Abstract: -2 decoder (Dual MP@ML or single MP@HL) PCI Bus · ATSC/DVB/ARIB/DIRECTV compliant · Decodes 1 HD or , TL851 Advanced Digital TV Decoder Digital TV ICs Driving the Digital Lifestyle Platforms , international standards including ATSC, OpenCable, European DVB, the Japanese ARIB standard and proprietary , definition video decoder, NTSC/PAL encoder, a display processor with scan rate converter, a transport , It supports all DVB/ATSC/ARIB decode and display formats. The TL851 can handle an ATSC, DVB or Zoran
Decoder DVB zoran Graphics OSD ntsc osd generator mixer IEC958 7/03-LDI TLG-ICTL851-PB-1
Abstract: output. â'¢ Integrated MPEG2 TEI bit processing for DVB only. Application Support â'¢ Channel decoder , compatible with the DVB and DSS algorithms. The Reed-Solomon decoder is a truncated version of the (255, 239) code. The code block size is 204 for DVB and 146 for DSS. The decoder provides a count of the number of , error rate at the output of the Viterbi decoder. 5 VP310 PRELIMINARY DATA In DVB mode, spectrum , PRELIMINARY DATA 1.4.4 The Reed Solomon Decoder block DVB and DSS data are encoded using shortened versions -
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DS5155 MS-022 receiver qpsk schematic diagram transmitter qpsk schematic diagram qpsk schematic diagram Viterbi Decoder schematic diagram receiver satellite qpsk transmitter 418/ED/51210/016 20FEB97 22MAY98 10SEP98
Abstract: A universal digital transmission solution for DVB, receiver for DIRECTV , DVB and DigicipherTM II , cost and complexity · Integrated 8-bit A/D converters and PLL reduce · DVB/DIRECTV/Digicipher II-compliant FEC decoder system manufacturing costs · 64-state Viterbi decoder supports rates = 5/11, 1/2 , internal RAM · Reed-Solomon decoder: (n,k) = (204,188) or (146,130): t=8 · Receives up to 85 Mbps for , BCM4201 DVB/ DIRECTV/ Digicipher II Satellite Receiver with FEC CPU Memory Decryption Broadcom
Digicipher jtag block diagram dvb direcTV viterbi oqpsk receiver satellite phone system digital clock and carrier recovery PB01-R-05
Abstract: Decoder TMCC Control The Communications Company TM Integra TM L64754 ISDB-S, DVB/DSS Satellite , Integra L64754 ISDB-S DVB/DSS Satellite Receiver TM OVERVIEW FEATURES The L64754 is a , BPSK/QPSK/8PSK demodulator and a concatenated FEC decoder. · Anti-aliasing filters · On-chip , Bit-error monitoring for channel performance measurements for all possible ISDB-S/DVB/DSS rates , Microcontroller Data and Address Bus Reed Solomon Decoder FEC Decoder Pipeline IntegraTM L64754 Block LSI Logic
isdb-S isdb-S Demodulator 8psk Demodulator ISDB-S IC 8PSK BLOCK DIAGRAM BPSK demodulator I20096
Abstract: PERFORMANCE DIGITAL VIDEO DECODER · MP@HL MPEG-2 decoder · ATSC/DVB/ARIB/DIRECTV compliant · Decodes 1 HD , TERA3359.SellSheets.ICs 12.15.00 10:42 AM Page 3 TL850 Digital TV Decoder GLOBAL AND , standards including ATSC, OpenCable, European DVB, the Japanese ARIB standard and proprietary standards such as DIRECTV®. This single-chip solution integrates an MPEG-2 MP@HL video decoder, a display , Television. It supports all DVB/ATSC/ARIB decode and display formats. The TL850 can handle an ATSC, DVB or TeraLogic
TeraLogic tl850 DVB - T transport stream processor DVB T transport stream processor TERALOGIC 24bit rgb input ccir656 out atsc
Abstract: , DVB) can re-use the integrated video ADCs. The Transport Stream (from a DTV/DVB channel decoder) can , SAA7134 PCI 9-Bit Video/Stereo Decoder Advantages Audio Support · On-chip hardware TV-stereo decoder supports NICAM and Dual FM · Synchronized audio-video streams Benefits First solution , analog/digital broadcast designs SAA7134 PAL/NTSC/SECAM/TS PCI 9-Bit Video/Stereo Decoder Enables low-cost PCI-based digital TV and DVB applications DVB Reduces board space, system costs Philips Semiconductors
FI1216 philips SAA7134 cofdm dvb chip encoder Philips SAA7130 TV Tuner SAA7130 fm frontend
Abstract: 408.523.6501 www.zoran.com High Performance Digital Video Decoder · MP@HL MPEG-2 decoder · ATSC/DVB/ARIB/DSS , Stream - ATSC - ARIB - DVB - DSS Digital Video Decoder - MP@HL MPEG2 - Decodes all 18 ATSC formats , TL850 Digital TV Decoder Digital TV ICs Driving the Digital Lifestyle Platforms Software , Dolby Digital (AC-3) or MPEG audio decoder · Supports software audio decode · Provides audio rate buffer , Programmable Transport Demultiplexer · ATSC/ARIB/DVB/DSS compliant · Handles transport or PES streams · Zoran
EIA-770 TLG-ICTL850-PB-1
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