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DS33M30DK Datasheet

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DS33M30DK Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. Ethernet Over SONET/SDH Mapper

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Abstract: provided on the CD and are available as a zip file from the Maxim website All , After installation, run the ChipView program with the DS33M30DK board powered up and , the DS33M30DK, refer to the DS33M30DK Quick View page at 12.3 , DS33M30DK RST* HIZ* TEST* CPHA CPOL SPISWAP DS33M30DK02A0 MICROPORT. TITLE , Identify the Signals Associated with All Connectors, Jumpers, and LEDs Demo Kit Contents DS33M30DK ... Original

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RP02 mdi c02 12C5v smd diode M4 EXB-V8V103JX RPB11 RPB17 DP83865DVH RPB02 6A8 DIODE SMD 5D2 diode smd CB47 RECTIFIER 24vdc5a Resistor Network Rpack 10K DS33M30 DS33M30 DS33M30 abstract
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Abstract: Rev: 102108 DS33M33 DS33M33 Demo Kit General Description The DS33M33 DS33M33 demo kit (DK) is an easy-to-use evaluation board for the DS33M33 DS33M33 and the DS33M33 DS33M33 Ethernet-over-SONET/SDH devices. The demo kit contains an option for either T3 or E3. The T3E3 links are complete with line interface, transformers, and network connections. Maxim's ChipView software is provided with the demo kit, giving point-and-click access to configuration and status registers from a Windows®-based_PC. On-board LEDs indica ... Original

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RPB21 CB140 CB123 6R14 yb04 RPB44 mac 7a8 transistor 18b2 diode 20B3 diode 7P14 CB189 47B4 HFJ11-1G02E mac 7a8 RPB45 DS33M33 DS33M33 DS33M33 abstract
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