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ISL1532AIVEZ Intersil Corporation Dual Channel Fixed Gain Differential DSL Line Driver; QFN24, TSSOP20; Temp Range: -40° to 85°C
ISL61851CCBZ-T Intersil Corporation Dual USB Port Power Supply Controller - Covering the Commercial Temperature Range of 0°C to +70°C; DFN10, DFN8, SOIC8; Temp Range: 0° to 70°
ISL26102AVZ-T7A Intersil Corporation Low-Noise 24-bit Delta Sigma ADC; TSSOP24; Temp Range: -40° to 105°C
ISL54233IRUZ-T7A Intersil Corporation Wideband Differential 3:1 Multiplexer; TQFN12, uTQFN12; Temp Range: -40° to 85°C
ISL28430FBZ-T7 Intersil Corporation Quad Micropower, Low Drift, RRIO Operational Amplifier; SOIC14, TSSOP14; Temp Range: See Datasheet

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Crydom solid state relay CSD2425

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Abstract: mArms 0.1 mArms 9.04 9.04 The Series MPF Solid State Relay offers Crydom's patented PowerFinTM , EMC Regulations The Series F Solid State Relay filters from Crydom are designed to significantly , · SCR Output · Crydom's Patented Design The series ASPF Solid State Relay incorporates Crydom , constantly monitored by this unique Solid State Relay (SSR). Mfr.'s Type SMR2425 SMR2450 SMR2490 , emissions on the main supply line connection. Solid State Relay Filters For AC Solid State Relays Crydom
RSF74Y100RM l312f L522F L622F B512F-2T L514F CMD2425 CMD2450 CMD2475 CMD2490 CMD24110 CMD24125
Abstract: di S O I; £ ¿ § 1 nu , set (control m odule and solid state relay) o rd e r 10SST120, 25SST120, etc. Series SST * C , m odules provide co n tro l o f th e phased tu rn -o n o f a solid state relay, in response to th e , le te set (co n tro l m o d ule and solid state relay) o rd e r 10CPV120, 25C PV120, etc. Series , ,4,6 20 ms 20 ms Random 1,2,4,6 5 ms 5 ms Random 1,2,4 14 CrYDOM SOLID STATE OPTO-ISOLATED -
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D0061b 609-5015M TD2425-B TD2425F tb ansley CRY30M D53TP D2425 A0241 CX380D5 4-13VDC 380VAC
Abstract: Overvoltage Protection by Automatic Self Turn-On (Suff ix P) MODEL NUMBERS Three-phase solid state , 200 Vdc. Lower current models are also available to 500 Vdc. All models come in Crydom's standard panel-mount package. Manufactured in Crydom's ISO 9001 Certified facility for optimum product performance , Vdc) 4 Maximum Input Current GENERAL NOTES © 2006 CRYDOM CORP, Specifications subject to , ) 502-5500 Tech Support (877) 702-7700 FAX (619) 710-8540 Crydom Corp, 2320 Paseo de las Americas, Ste. 201 Crydom
D1D07 D1D20 D1D40 D2D40 D4D07 D4D12 100AMP SCR Triac 40amp 600v thyristor 80A, 1200V D1D20L D06D100 7-40A D1D12 D2D07
Abstract: ASSR Series Applications: Ì Solid State Relay Module Ì Voltage Supply for electronic circuits , Mount) Single Pole (Through Hole) The photoMOS relay provides solid state switching for low level , Solid State Relay Ì Direct copper bonding (DCB) technology Ì LED indication Ì IP 20 protection , Ì 2 Pole AC solid state relay Ì Analog switching for resistive loads (heating) Ì 0-10 V , Phase Solid State Relay Zero switching Internal snubber networks IP 10 back-of-hand protection LED Farnell Electronics
48V 30A SPDT RELAY IM03D marking code W16 SMD Transistor VARISTOR 275 L20 N mosfet 250v 600A PCH-124
Abstract: : Ì Solid State Relay Module Ì Voltage Supply for electronic circuits The ASSR-V62X Series is , (Through Hole) 2300 Electromechanical 2 3 4 The photoMOS relay provides solid state switching for low , °C -40 to 100°C 125°C 341200 Price Each 10+ 50+ 3 Phase Solid State Relay Zero switching Internal , Electromechanical 30A to 50A DIN Rail Mounting Ì 2 Pole AC solid state relay Ì Analog switching for resistive loads , Current 30A (2x15A) 50A (2x25A) Order Code 176-1625 176-1627 549539 Solid State Relays - Crydom AC and Element14 Catalog
relay finder 45.61 reed 3500 2301 151 MT2C93419 reed 3500 2301 tyco igbt module 25A 1200V 5V SPST DIL Reed Relay A331-1-C2A7M A331-1-C2-A73 A331-1-C2-A7D
Abstract: 3.91 3.36 3.58 4.50 3.86 3.18 3.46 3.58 3.71 4.53 3.48 3.06 3.46 4.24 3.99 2.97 3.99 4.41 RELAY , conventional relay (EP2/EP1) · Low profile · High performance and productivity by unique symmetrical structure , choices Available as open frame or sealed relay 7 Mfg. Part No. G MC25115 G MC25116 (136128) Coil Coil , (3299) (165087) PLUG-IN MINI ISO RELAYS Features: · Dust protected · Plug-in terminals · Power Relay , Features · 3 GHz microwave relay with 60 W carrying power. · Three times the contact carrying power DigiKey Electronics Catalog
elec-trol reed relay ATQ203 RA30451051 DF2E-DC12V elec-trol RA30461051 RA30421241 CC1227-ND CC1228-ND CC1229-ND CC1230-ND CC1231-ND CC1232-ND
Abstract: . 386 Solid State R e la y s , ) 434-7171 1001 State Street Erie, PA 16501 (814) 453-5726 Harrisburg Area 8726 Town & Country Btvd , and do not include federal, state, or local taxes. Orders are filled at the prices in effect on the , PRICES ARE NET F.O.B. SHIPPING POINT AND DO NOT IN C LU D E F E D E R A L , STATE, OR LOCAL TAXES , Electronics is required by law to charge and collect state & local sales tax. As laws vary from state to Element14 Catalog
omron relay G2R-2 8 pin 12V DC Tyco 3604 relay krp power source sps 6360 data 8873 64 pin colour tv ic SRD 12VDC SL C transistor DK qe smd 277VAC 30VDC 10VAC/DC 250VAC DG34-1021-36-1012-F 59P3464
Abstract: Canyon Court San Ramon, CA 94503 (415) 743-0250 FAX: (415) 743-0265 1717 S. State College Blvd , Ocean or Air freight. PRICING Prices are net F.O.B. shipping point and do not include federal, state , outlined above. -S .I.E L ' Newark Electronics is required by law to charge and collect state & local sales tax. As laws vary from state to state, please remit the correct percentage for your locality. Open account customers must have a state sales tax exemption certificate on file with Newark -
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EATON CM20A A5 GNE mosfet FTG 1087 S FEB3T smd transistor marking 352a 2N8491
Abstract: Resistors, Potentiometers, Thermistors, ZNRs. . . 325-367 RF and Microwave Products and Solid State , . . . . . . . . . 493, 499-500 Solid State, Relays. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 497 Solid State Switches. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 498 Optoisolators -
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thyristor TAG 8506 nais inverter vf 7f operation manual Sprague 513D capacitor b 222k 1kv shm Rapa relay 12vdc 922AA1Y-A4P 11PM104