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EL8302IU-EVAL Intersil Corporation Eval Board for EL8302 500MHz Rail-to-Rail Amplifier ri Buy
EL8103IW-EVAL Intersil Corporation Eval Board for EL8103 500MHz Rail-to-Rail Amplifiers ri Buy
EL8101IW-EVAL Intersil Corporation Eval Board for EL8101 200MHz Rail-to-Rail Amplifiers ri Buy

Chip-Rail Datasheet

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CR6505 Chip-Rail Half-bridge Power Supply Supervisor with PWM

9 pages,
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Abstract: output voltage. To decrease the standby consumption of the power supply , Chip-Rail introduces the Cycle , destroyed. So the Chip-Rail secondary delay circuit has been introduced for decrease the restart time. ... Original

7 pages,
283.61 Kb

13003 TO 92 PACKAGE ap3700 APPLICATION 20 A BJT act30 DS-RS2030X-EN-V1 RS2030A 13003 MOSFET transistor RS2030 AP3700 flyback 13003 act30 application sw 13003 MOSFET "Power bjt RS2030X RS2030X abstract
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Abstract: CCM Chiprail AE1501 AE1501 AE2596 AE2596 AE1501 AE1501 AE2596 AE2596 MPS MP2104 MP2104 MP2105 MP2105 NS OCS LM3671 LM3671 ... Original

3 pages,
134.58 Kb

AH-61 ACT6906 AE1501 CAT7104 FP6101 CAT7101 FD2H001 ae1117 cat7105 MP1410 CAT1117 ocp34063 ocp3601 ae2596 td1509 FSH41 AH17X FSH41 abstract
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Abstract: current is over 1.05mA. To decrease the standby consumption of the power supply , Chip-Rail introduces ... Original

13 pages,
331.16 Kb

384X capacitor 47uF/400V H6849NF mov 7d471 4A600V MOSFET H6849 TDK pc40 ld7535 sot sot-26 pwm controller transformer IC200804 58khz schematic sg5701 7d471 Chip-Rail IC200804 H6849 IC200804 abstract
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Abstract: standby consumption of the power supply, Chip-Rail introduces the Cycle Reset Mode technology (CRM). If ... Original

13 pages,
338.88 Kb

384X PWM controller sot-26 diode EB H6850NF IC200804 OB2262 data sheet transformer IC200804 sot-26 pwm controller SG6848 equivalent OB22782279 OB226 H6850 sg6848 IC200912 H6850 IC200912 abstract
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Abstract: oscillator is invariable, namely 22kHz. To decrease the standby consumption of the power supply, Chip-Rail ... Original

13 pages,
516.74 Kb

ob22782279 FLYBACK CRM ld7535 sot SG570 RS2051S OB2262 data sheet DS-RS2051-02 PWM IC 8 PIN DIP OB2262 SG6848 equivalent RS2051 sg5701 OB226 ob2278 SG6848 RS2051 abstract
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