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FEBFIS1100MEMS_IMU6D3X Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation Featuring FIS1100 - 6D Inertial Measurement Unit with Motion Co-Processor and Sensor Fusion Library, EVALUATION BOARD, 1/BULK ri Buy
FIS1100 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation 6D Inertial Measurement Unit with Motion Co-Processor and Sensor Fusion Library, 16LD, QUAD, 3.3X3.3 MM, 0.5MM PITCH, 1/TAPE REEL ri Buy
LMP91002SDX/NOPB Texas Instruments Configurable AFE for Low Power H2S and CO Sensing Applications 14-WSON ri Buy

CO-231D56 Datasheet

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CO-231D56 Vectron International, Inc. Low Cost TCXOs

2 pages,
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Abstract: VECTRON LABORATORI ES INC 47E D T4473ED T4473ED D000720 D000720 b5f l Basic V E C TR O N KXO s T e m p e n a tu re C o n y ie n s a te d C r y s ta l O s c illa to rs FEATURES: Frequency from 50 Hz to 1,000 MHz High stability without use of oven Low current drain On-frequency instantly; virtually no warm-up time Low aging rate Small, rugged packages Low phase noise option TCXOs (50 Hz to 140 MHz) VECTRON Series CO-252 CO-252 and CO-254 CO-254 offer the highest stability al ... OCR Scan

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vectron Co CO-255 vectron 257 C0-255C37 CO28* crystal C0-252B27 C0-252B17 CO-231 CO-254 vectron CO-254 CO-257 CO-254C37 CO-254A57 -252C16 datasheet abstract
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CO231D56 Vectron International, Inc. Single Crystal-Controlled Oscillator

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