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Abstract: CF4811-01 CF4811-01 Guitar Effects Firmware for CDB4811GTR 1.0 INTRODUCTION A suite of sound effects has been developed for demonstration on the CS4811 CS4811 DSP + CODEC chip. The sound effects included in this , mixer, karaoke and acoustic amplifier applications. 1.1 Operation The CDB4811GTR demonstration , time and do not require power to be removed. The CDB4811GTR board should be inserted in the direct , /dry mix, may be controlled in firmware or in hardware via the potentiometer, VR3. The CDB4811GTR ... Original

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potentiometer vr3 chorus CF4811-01 sound chorus BINARY SWITCH karaoke effects GUITAR SHEET guitar effect delay reverb CDB4811MXR guitar amplifier CS4811 Guitar Delay CF4811-01 abstract
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Abstract: CDB4811GTR, is targeted for use in electric guitar amplifiers. 1.1 Operation The CDB4811MXR CDB4811MXR ... Original

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CS4811 guitar effect Guitar Delay chorus CDB4811GTR CDB4811MXR amplifiers for acoustic guitar Effects CF4811-02 audio reverb reverb reverb chip reverb effect CF4811-02 abstract
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Abstract: CS4811-KM CS4811-KM CDB4811GTR-01 CDB4811MXR-01 CDB4811MXR-01 -10 to +70°C 100-pin MQFP Guitar Effects Evaluation Board , in audio mixers, karaoke and acoustic instrument amplifiers. The CDB4811GTR and CDB4811MXR CDB4811MXR ... Original

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T1000 CS4811 DS486 CDB4811 guitar effect diagram spring reverb chip guitar effects circuits MC33078 CDB4811MXR guitar effects CS4811-KM electric guitar amplifiers circuit CDB4811MXR-01 CDB4811GTR CS4811 abstract
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Abstract: ORDERING INFORMATION CDB4811GTR Guitar Effects Evaluation Kit CDB4811MXR CDB4811MXR Mixer Effects Evaluation Kit ... Original

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QFP100-14X20 CDB4811 reverb Processor IC delay reverb bourns transformer 4210 Multi-Effects guitar Processor presets 100k HC-49 CDB4811MXR POT500k c26 rotary switch CDB4811GTR 1N4148 SOD-80 CDB4811 abstract
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Effects Firmware Application Note for CDB4811GTR (APR '00 , FW486A1 FW486A1 FW486A1 FW486A1 : 19 Kb
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