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Abstract: Powerex Fast Recovery Dual Diode Modules 7/3/2003 600V 1200V 1400V 3300V CC240602 CC240602 CN2406020N CN2406020N Voltage CC241250 CC241250 CN241250 CN241250 CC240610 CC240610 CN240610 CN240610 QRC0610T30 QRC0610T30 QRF0610T30 QRF0610T30 CC241210 CN241210 CN241210 QRC1210T30 QRC1210T30 QRF1210T30 QRF1210T30 QRC1410T30 QRC1410T30 QRF1410T30 QRF1410T30 200A QRC0620T30 QRC0620T30 QRF0620T30 QRF0620T30 QRC1220T30 QRC1220T30 QRF1220T30 QRF1220T30 QRC1420T30 QRC1420T30 QRF1420T30 QRF1420T30 Super Fast Common Anode QRC0630T30 QRC0630T30 QRF0630T30 QRF0630T30 QRC1230T30 QRC1230T30 QRF1230T30 QRF1230T30 QRC1430T30 QRC1430T30 QRF1430T30 QRF1430T30 Common Cathode QRC0640T30 QRC0640T30 QRF0640T30 QRF0640T30 100A 50A CC240650 CC240650 ... Original

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QRF1220T30 600v 20a diode CC240602 CC240650 CC241210 CC241250 CN2406020N CN241210 CN241250 QRF1210T30 QRC1220T30 QRC1210T30 diode super fast DIODE 100A datasheet abstract
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Abstract: ) CC241210 (F7) CN240610 CN240610 ÍF7> CN241210 CN241210 (F7) `Expressly designed for use with IGBT and IPM "snubber" , , CC240610 CC240610, CC2406020N CC2406020N, CC2406500N CC2406500N, CC241202 CC241202, CC241250 CC241250, CC241210, CD240602 CD240602, CD240650 CD240650, CD241202 CD241202, CN2403020N CN2403020N ... OCR Scan

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rm400ha-24 diode F6 03 *3020N DIODE F7 BP107 BP107 abstract
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Abstract: * CC241210* 100 100 100 600 600 1200 Common Anode Diode Modules CN240602 CN240602 20 600 CN2406020N CN2406020N 20 600 n kl , 150 -40 to 125 20 1.5 500 800 30 m5(17) 0.5 0.4 90 cc241210 1200 1350 100 2000 2500 16600 -40 to 150 ... OCR Scan

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CS2406500N CS241210 CS241250 CS340602 CS3406020N CS341202 CS641230 kl 05 diode powerex cd CS240610 A 720 transistor ups 500 watt diagram CC2406100N 720 transistor Q005024 Q005024 abstract
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Abstract: Absolute Maximum Ratings Characteristics Symbol CN240610 CN240610 CD240610 CD240610 CC240610 CC240610 CN241210 CN241210 CD241210 CD241210 CC241210 ... OCR Scan

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CN241210 anode common fast recovery diode dual BP107 C024 CC240610 CC241210 CD24 CD240610 CD241210 CN24 CN240610 ALPS 925 datasheet abstract
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CC241210 Powerex Power Semiconductors Center-Tapped Positive CC Silicon Rectifier - Fast Recovery Dual Diode Module.

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