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BZX84-C39/G,215 NXP Semiconductors Voltage regulator diodes, SOT23 Package, Standard Marking, Reel Pack, SMD, Low Profile, 7" Reel ri Buy


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Abstract: m I JO L ED 0 -ft? i-Z O N if lv y a è i3 w o isno ) .£* ' Ç '0* ' SC O» (ac«ma*iOi » t i . / 31 A » _ Í 9 3 H S i f 3dÁl a * os - o t o s ) acy 8 8 9 6 ¿ 1-0 r 30T 3ZIS S 3I0N 335 `SOd OS dOH ISOd iWS HOI Id w w ¿ nacwdwv X. *v^ -i V >fi 1W5 *· . = » wwz * · ... OCR Scan

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Abstract: W280 PRELIMINARY Spread Spectrum Frequency Timing Generator for Integrated CPU Features Benefits · Mixed 2.5V and 3.3V Operation - Integrated CY2219 CY2219 (main clock) and CY2310 CY2310 (SDRAM buffer) into a single chip Supports Intel® Timna processors with integrated graphics and memory controllers - Combined with W134S W134S, W280 offers an optimized and cost-reduced solution for Timna platform. · Multiple output clocks at different frequencies - Three CPU clocks at 66 MHz - Eight ... Original

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W134S CY2219 CY2310 CY2219 abstract
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Abstract: CMOS SyncFIFOTM 512x36,1,024x36 and 2,048 x 36 FEATURES: · S torage capacity: IDT723631 IDT723631 - 5 1 2 x 3 6 IDT723641 IDT723641 - 1 ,0 2 4 x 3 6 IDT723651 IDT723651 - 2,048 x 36 S upports clock frequencies up to 67 MHz Fast access tim es of 11 ns Free-running C LK A and C LK B can be asynchronous or coincident (perm its sim ultaneous reading and w riting of d ata on a single clock edge) C locked FIFO buffering d ata from Port A to Port B S ynchronous read retransm it capability M ailbox register in each direction P rog ... OCR Scan

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723651L15 IDT723631 IDT723641 IDT723651 IDT723631 abstract
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Over 1.1 million files (1986-2014): html articles, reference designs, gerber files, chemical content, spice models, programs, code, pricing, images, circuits, parametric data, RoHS data, cross references, pcns, military data, and more. Please note that due to their age, these files do not always format correctly in modern browsers. Disclaimer.
No abstract text available (alu_mult.ngc)
Xilinx 06/02/2004 2799 Kb ZIP
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Fairchild 22/10/2012 239.69 Kb INC
\ 90MXj#$39gzV7Tp[[XU$+g/y y 280S+Mix!8y#pH/Z 3p72 O9[(jXUP:[B:L )
Fairchild 22/10/2012 197.88 Kb INC
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Fairchild 22/10/2012 239.41 Kb INC
[S#K9r2AJ=# 9x h)7gv+x6d3=/d3/X0 '4;l:M2/$M
Fairchild 22/10/2012 240.19 Kb INC
[S#K9r2AJ=# 9x h)7gv+x6d3=/d3/X0 '4;l:M2/$M
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(This file must be converted with BinHex 4.0) :& [ * $ $ " [!!" !! - schematics - pcb-st/mac/mccad_eds_for_macos.hqx
Kaleidoscope 10/04/2005 22278.99 Kb HQX mccad_eds_for_macos.hqx
No abstract text available (ts2pcie2212.pkg)
Texas Instruments 06/08/2011 526.95 Kb ZIP
No abstract text available (ts2pcie2212_stub_1200_d.spi.pkg)
Texas Instruments 06/08/2011 526.95 Kb ZIP
[S#K9r2AJ=# 9x h)7gv+x6d3=/d3/X0 '4;l:M2/$M
Fairchild 22/10/2012 239.67 Kb INC