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RI-ANT-S01C-00 Texas Instruments SERIES 2000 STICK ANTENNA 1- -30 TO 85 pdf Buy
RI-ANT-S01C-30 Texas Instruments ANTENNA-OTHER pdf Buy
TPIC84125TPWPRQ1 Texas Instruments Automotive Catalog Low-Frequency Multi-Channel Antenna Driver for Passive Start and Passive Entry Sy 28-HTSSOP -40 to 105 pdf Buy Buy

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ANTENNA L112 50 MM NETRONIX Accessories: RFID antenna; 125kHz; 5mm 21 from $1.00 (Jan 2017) TME Electronic Components Buy
ANTENNA L113 30 MM NETRONIX Accessories: RFID antenna; 125kHz 265 from $0.94 (Jan 2017) TME Electronic Components Buy
ANTENNA WIFI ARDUINO Antenna; WiFi; U.FL; 50Ω; 35x6x0.8mm 16 from $6.56 (Aug 2016) TME Electronic Components Buy

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Antenna-Filter Vectron International Antenna Filter

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Abstract: Management Antenna Color Co Display LCD Data/Timing Control Wired Connectivity USB , Interface Flash/ ROM/DRAM OS/Apps Peripheral Interface *ASDL-3212 ASDL-3212 Antenna USB Reset To ... Avago Technologies

17 pages,
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ULTRA VIOLET LED FDC37N769 FDC37C669 ASDL-3212-021 ASDL-3212 AC97 "fuel gauge" TEXT
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Abstract: Ordering number : ENA0715 ENA0715 Monolithic Linear IC LA1070 LA1070 On-Glass Antenna Amplifier AGC IC Overview The LA1070 LA1070 is an automatic gain control IC for use with automotive on-glass antennas. Functions · RF-AGC Features · AGC circuit includes a 20dB hysteresis function · Can implement an FM/AM tuner AGC circuit with just one IC · AGC circuit provides improved interference characteristics · , antenna amplifier modules with a minimal number of external components · Includes a total of four PIN ... SANYO Electric

8 pages,
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VREG49 LA1070 HSOP28 ENA0715 automatic gain control ic agc ic 250M DBU102 PIN DIODE DRIVER CIRCUITS TEXT
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Abstract: shown in Figure 6 and Figure 7 are pre-screened radiated EMI test results from an antenna placement of ... Cirrus Logic

32 pages,
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CS8416-CZ RES 22 OHM 2512 2W capacitor 22uf 1210 x7r NATO Slave nato connector TSW-105-07-G-D CMD28-21SRC/TR8/T1 CX21AH CMD28-21SRC/TR8 max232acwe RCA 3080 SO16-300 C65 004 CRD44600-PH-FB NP-CAP-0603 CRD44600-PH-FB C18 ph CRD44600-PH-FB DIODE C18 ph CRD44600-PH-FB NP-CAP-0805 CRD44600-PH-FB 4pin bridge rectifier CRD44600-PH-FB cdb446 CRD44600-PH-FB CRD44600-PH-FB CRD44600-PH-FB TEXT
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Abstract: Model RFP-4053 RFP-4053 3 dB, 90o Applications_ · Microstrip Circuits · Dividers/Combiners · Switch Networks · Balanced Detectors · Antenna Feeds Features_ 0.13 ­ 0.18 GHz Welded Tab mount Reliable Performance Handles 200 Watts Meets MIL-E-5400 MIL-E-5400 Class 3 Requirements -3dB Outline Drawing RF Power IN Components Inc. 131-181-90-200-210 -3dB NOTES: Anaren Power rating applies when solder tab/coupler interface has been conformally coated. Electrical and Mechanical ... Anaren

2 pages,
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RFP-4053 hybrid coupler RF Coupler 3dB Anaren rfp 3db couplers 4053 TEXT
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Abstract: ! 60!dB! ! Using!VCC_RF! Antenna!Supply! or!external! Antenna!Supervisor! , ! GPS! module! suitable! for! active! antennas! to! run! standard! PVT! applications.!!It!provides!two , Integration Manual! [1].! ! Parameter Specification Antenna!Type! ! Active!only , ! GPS!signal!input! Ground! Antenna!Bias!voltage! Output!Voltage!RF!section!! Backup!voltage!supply! Reset , ! Vboot! -0.3! 3.3! V! Iccrf! ! 50! mA! u-blox

15 pages,
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6mbp300ka-060 ATR0600 ATR0620 Standard IPC-SM-840B TIM-LC TIM-LC-0-000 ARM7 pin configuration GPS antenna NMEA 0183 protocol GPS IPC-SM-840 Auto-bauding lc 9600 p TIM-LC-0-000-0 U-blox tim-lc TEXT
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Abstract: DATA SHEET AS236-321 AS236-321, AS236-321LF AS236-321LF: PHEMT GaAs IC High-Power 4-CTL DPDT Switch LF­6 GHz GND Tx CBL 12 11 V2 9 GND 8 V3 7 3 V4 2 GND 6 ANT 2 ANT 1 GND CBL 5 CBL 4 Skyworks AS236-321 AS236-321 is a broadband DPDT switch designed to combine T/R and antenna diversity switching functions on a single IC. The device is designed to handle high power and maintain high linearity at low control voltages. This-low cost switch is ideal for Wi-Fi systems ... Skyworks Solutions

5 pages,
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QFN-12 AS236-321LF AS236-321 TEXT
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Abstract: :1) keeps reflected power to a minimum to increase read rates. The antenna's light weight (0.363 kg , Circular Polarized Mono-Static RFID Antenna Europe & India MAAN-000199-AT0000 MAAN-000199-AT0000 Overview Features · · · · · · · · Gain: 6.2 dBil Typical VSWR: 1.25:1 Typical Beamwidth: 66° 3dB , -000199-AT0000 -000199-AT0000 is a mono-static RFID antenna for most European and Indian applications. Low axial ratio (< 1.5 dB , Polarized Mono-Static RFID Antenna Europe & India MAAN-000199-AT0000 MAAN-000199-AT0000 Typical Performance Curves VSWR ... M/A-COM

2 pages,
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rfid antenna MAAN-000199-AT0000 antenna 868 TEXT
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Abstract: , small size and low cost are required. Typical applications are for filter and antenna switching in handset systems that connect separate receive functions to a common antenna, as well as other related ... M/A-COM

3 pages,
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Abstract: RoHS Compliant 3 Watt Cellular T/R and Antenna Changeover Switch DC - 3.0 GHz Features · · · , and very small size are required. Typical applications include internal / external antenna select , inherent speed, the MASWSS0143 MASWSS0143 can be used as a conventional T/R switch or as an antenna diversity switch , sheets and product information. RoHS Compliant 3 Watt Cellular T/R and Antenna Changeover Switch , Watt Cellular T/R and Antenna Changeover Switch DC - 3.0 GHz MASWSS0143 MASWSS0143 V4 Typical Performance ... M/A-COM

3 pages,
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SW-425 MASWSS0143TR-3000 M513 MASWSS0143TR MASWSS0143 TEXT
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Abstract: GPS functions to a common antenna, as well as other related handset and general purpose applications ... M/A-COM

3 pages,
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/download/44134754-223477ZC/pc_99_1-v1.zip ()
Intel 06/08/1998 1173.74 Kb ZIP pc_99_1-v1.zip
Current-controlled RF resistor for RF attenuators. Frequency range 1 MHz . 2 GHz. Especially useful as antenna switching and attenuating applications. Frequency range 1 MHz . 2 GHz. Especially useful as antenna switch
Siemens 26/02/1998 8.61 Kb HTM 3513.htm
phones - from baseband to antenna - that are suitable for European and US digital mobile telephone
Siemens 26/02/1998 7.43 Kb HTM 9603_34e.htm
frequencies · Four internal microprocessor controlled antennas · 20 Hz - 15 kHz frequency
Scenix 14/06/2000 11.45 Kb HTML sennheiser.html
improve oxide quality, process charging damage elimination and antenna layout rules are also implemented a huge metal antenna ratio (to the gate area) was the culprit for oxide breakdown. The gate oxide failure rate of Product B without metal antenna violations is improved by 3.8X over Product A. With structures were designed in the Test Chip such that reliable metal antenna design rules could be derived. Reliability validation tools to check antenna layout rules were also developed to catch and fix any design
Intel 31/10/1998 6 Kb HTM art_2f.htm
NSC: Industrial\Military / AeroSpace\Phased Array Radar - Front End\Antenna Servo Control - Industrial - Military / AeroSpace - Phased Array Radar - Front End - Antenna Servo Control LMD18200 LMD18200 - 3A, 55V H-Bridge Feedback Use of "Cookies" Copyright © National Semiconductor Corporation National is ISO 9000
National 18/12/1998 4.38 Kb HTM nsc01650-v1.htm
main problems - a noise source, a transmitting antenna, and a receiving antenna. We can improve all 3 antenna, or do you want a minimum antenna that will reject the noises in the air! Now, did that help
National 13/08/1999 26.9 Kb HTM nsc03113-v3.htm
Description= 14-Bit, 65 MSPS Wideband Analog-to-Digital Converter Features 65 MSPS Guaranteed Sample Rate 74 dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio 100 dB Multitone Spurious-Free Dynamic Range 200 MHz Input Bandwidth Sampling jitter < 300 fs 40 MSPS Version Available Applications Wireless Infrastructure: Cellular, PCS, In-Building, WLL GSM, CDMA, IS-136 IS-136, AMPS, PHS, 3G Phased Array Antenna Systems Software Programmable Digital Receivers Communications and
Analog Devices 05/06/2003 1.15 Kb HTM 451.htm
consisting of a NAV2300 NAV2300 GPS receiver board, power supply board and metallic enclosure. Active antenna and metallic enclosure. Active antenna with cable RS232 RS232 cable & power cable GVISION a
Analog Devices 05/06/2003 1.31 Kb HTM 2587.htm
NAV2300 NAV2300 GPS receiver board, power supply board and metallic enclosure. Active antenna with cable enclosure. Active antenna with cable RS232 RS232 cable & power cable GVISION a PC-based user interface
Analog Devices 1.26 Kb HTML 16259.html