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AT4003 antenna

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Abstract: 160 School House Road, Souderton, PA 18964-9990 USA Phone 215-723-8181·FAX 215-723-5688 MODEL AT4003 ANTENNA 4-8GHz The Model AT4003 is a wide band, high gain, microwave horn antenna that , AT4003 supplies the constant high intensity fields necessary for RFI/EMI field testing within and beyond , strength when conducting 3 meter testing. The Model AT4003 is compact and light weight for ready mobility , a family of microwave frequency antennas the Model AT4003 provides the 4-8GHz response required for ... Original

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Antenna horn SMD K4 DIODE AT4003 AT4003 antenna AT4003 abstract
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Abstract: FIELO STRENGTH MEASURED AT 1 METER MODEL AT4003 MODEL AT4003 ANTENNA W ITH GAIN ENHANCER FIELD , FREQUENCY GHz M O DEL AT4002 AT4002 ANTENNA FIELD STRENGTH MEASURED AT 3 METERS M ODEL AT4003 ANTENNA W ITH , frequen cies. Microwave Models AT4003 and AT4004 AT4004 (on the following page) are equipped with a removable gain-enhancing device, to improve performance for three-meter testing. Model AP4000 AP4000 antenna positioner is available for Model AT4000 AT4000. _ _ MODEL AT4000 AT4000 MODEL AT4000 AT4000 ANTENNA FIELD STRENGTH MEASURED AT 1 ... OCR Scan

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WRD-750-D24 AP4000 AT4000 "13 ghz" microwave antenna AT4003 antenna AT4003 AT4002 antenna AT4004 antenna AT4004 AT4002 AT40Q1 AT4000 abstract
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