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Abstract: data sheet. ORDERING INFORMATION TO-220 3-PIN AS2884AU AS2884AU-3.3 Pin Connections DD PL A STIC 3-PIN A S2884A T AS2884AT-3.3 O per. Tem p. R ange IND. IND. Plastic Package TO-220 a Mn , ,=250C AS2884-3.3,4.75V , specification for thermal regulation. Note 2: A lO^F output capacitor is required on AS2884. AS2884 TYPICAL -
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adjustable output smps LT1584
Abstract: Min Max AS2884-3.3V, 0IOUT8A, 4.75VVIN25V 3.3 3.3 3.270 3.240 3.330 3.360 3.230 3.201 3.370 3.399 AS2884-3.3V, 0IOUT8A, 6.5VVIN25V 5.0 5.0 4.950 4.900 5.050 5.100 , AS2884 8A Low DropOut Voltage Regulator Adjustable & Fixed 3.3V FEATURES APPLICATIONS · , Charger PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The AS2884 is a low power 8A Adjustable Voltage Regulator that is very , post regulator for switching supplies applications. The AS2884 features low dropout of a maximum 1.5 Sipex
AS2850 LT1083/LT1584 AS285
Abstract: -263 packages compatible with other 3 terminal regulators. For a 8A low dropout regulator refer to the AS2884 -
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AS2885/AS2887 T0-220 LT1585/LT1587 AS2885 AS2887 AS2885-3
Abstract: SEM ICONDUCTOR Excellence in Analog Power Products ALPHA L O W DROPOUT LINEAR V@L TA GE REGULA TORS SELECTION GUIDE Device LP2950A LP2950C LP2951A LP2951C AS2930 AS2930A AS2930C AS2931 AS2931A AS2931C AS2950A AS2950C AS2951A AS2951C AS4950 AS4951 AS116 LP2980 LP2981 AS2975A AS2975C AS2954A AS2954C AS2955 AS2945 AS2937 AS 1117 AS812XX AS2810 AS2815 AS2886 AS2820 AS2830 AS2887 AS2840 AS2850 AS2885 AS2884 AS2880 AS2805 AS2940 AS2941 AS80 LM78L05 LM78M05 AS5205 * lo U T Accuracy (% ) 0.5 -
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c 1117 adj AS1117 1117 TO92 1117 sot 89 as2954 1117 3.3v
Abstract: -33 AS2850 AS2850-33 AS2870 AS2884 AS2885 AS2885-33 AS2887 AS2887-33 IRU1010 IRU1010-18 IRU1010 International Rectifier
PH ON 823 m 8645 AS1117-18 as1117-33 fz 79 1500uf as1117 L 33 LT1117-18
Abstract: Environmental Backshells AS28840/9 B Environmental Backshells M28840/9 16 W B Glenair Connector Designator G MIL-C-28840 A Thread Class 2B .750 - 20 UNEF .875 - 20 UNEF 1.000 - 20 UNEF 1.125 - 18 UNEF 1.250 - 18 UNEF 1.438 - 18 UNEF 1.563 - 18 UNEF 1.875 - 16 UN 2.063 - 16 UNS Material and Finish Designator D = Corrosion Resistant Steel, Cadmium Plate, Black W = Alumimum, Cadmium Olive 1. For complete dimensions see Drab over Electroless Nickel applicable Military Specification Glenair
440HS ssq21635 MIL-C-5015 amphenol ms3402 MS3137 EN3645 NAS 1352 SCREW M85049 AS85049 AS85049/103 AS85049/104 AS85049/105 AS85049/109