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AK2304A AKM Semiconductor Quad PCM CODEC-FILTER COMBO LSI Original


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Abstract: ASABI KASEI [AK23043 _Features_ â¡ Compliant with AT&T and CCITT recommendations â¡ Monolithic 4 , TESTI TEST2 TEST3 0=1*^35 ooocH3b 3ÃT - 1 - 1994/12 ASAHI KASEI [AK2304] General Description The AK2304 is an integrated monolithic quad PCM CODEC for PBX/KTS applications, which integrates , â  Ordering information AK2304 0~+70°C 44pin QFP AKD2304 Evaluation board < 0063-E-00> maabas QOOQW 21b â  - 2 - 1994/12 ASAHI KASEI [AK2304] Circuit Description Block Function AMP1~4 Op-amps for -
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29TG4 CN150 25CC
Abstract: ASAHI KASEI [AK23043 _ F e a t u r e s _ â¡ â¡ â , KASEI [AK2304] G e n e r a l D e s c r i p t i o n The AK2304 is an integrated monolithic , ASAHI KASEI [AK2304] C i r c u i t Block AMP 1- 4 â'" A/D Converter MUX De-MUX D/A , gain adjustment and anti-aliasing filtering. AK2304 has an op-amp at each analog input (CH1~CH4). , ASAH I KASEI [AK2304] P i n Pin # 1 Name MUTE1 I/O I 2 3 4 5 G12 Gil TA1 -
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KD032707 000D3S1 0Q00570 KD0327
Abstract: Silver DAA using Ag2120 and AK2304 TELECOM +5V 390k Vcc DMa DMb AK2304 56K Ag2120 G12 CH1 56K G11 Vout 100nF PTC TA1 TIP LSC Central Office Line + 4.7uF RS X1 TG1 TD PCM BUS RD F/R LC RING TSYNC RA1 Vin 100nF GND ZB ZT2 ZT1 ZB1 ZT ZC 47K CH2 CH3 0R CH4 ZB3 NF C3 MUTE1 MUTE2 MUTE3 MUTE4 NF Z = 600R CLOCKS MCLK RG1 + 4.7uF ZB2 300R 100K RSYNC Silver Telecom
TR600-150 TVB200SA ag2120 AN2120 ptc application note 600R raychem RD AN2120-17
Abstract: Interfacing Ag1170 to AK2304 10R 100nF +5.0V 100uF 6.3V + Protection is for on-premise applications GNDA +VA Ag1170 D1 = BZT03C82 D2 - D5 = 1N4004 AK2304 100nF CH1 VIN RA1 D1 RG1 + 4.7uF TD PCM BUS RD PGND D5 D2 56K TIP G12 RING MCLK F/R PGND CH2 CH3 RM SYNC CH4 SHK +VPWR GNDPWR CLOCKS TG1 + 4.7uF D4 RSYNC 56K VOUT D3 TSYNC G11 TA1 100nF MUTE1 MUTE2 MUTE3 MUTE4 Silver Telecom
50V 100uf 128KHz 100NF 50V AN1170 64KHZ AN1170-28
Abstract: PBX/ISDN ICs Quad PCM CODEC Monolithic 4-channel CODEC/Filter Compliant with AT&T and CCITT recommendations A -la w //i-law selectable Op-Amps for gain adjustment (D Single+5V operation © Low power consumption © Package: 44 pin QFP © @ ® @ 4 4pi n QFP ( 1 4 X 1 4 X 2 . 7 m m ) AVDD A VSS DVDD DVSS TESTI TEST2 TEST3 AK2304 BLOCK DIAGRAM AKD23Q4 AK2304A Evaluation Board © The evaluation board for Quad PCM CODEC/Filter (AK2304A) ® Control switches for setting AK2304A operation mode -
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Abstract: Interfacing Ag1460 to AK2304 +5V 100uF 10 + 10 + 100uF + 100nF 220uF +5VA TIP Ag1460 VIN RA1 TIP TD RD G12 TA1 RSYNC 8KhZ clocks MCLK 2MhZ clock 100nF 51K TSYNC RING RING D4 TG1 F/R RM + 4u7 AVSS MLAW DVSS LO PGND PD CAP GNDPWR 220nF SHK 74HC374 8 bit I/O to MCU circuit 2 3 4 Ag1460 , (AKM) 100K D2 DVDD AK2304A 100nF GNDA VCLAMP D1 AVDD +5VPWR 0V I/O Silver Telecom
74HC244 PCM-G11 1460P AN1460-6
Abstract: [ÀK23Q4A] The AK2304A is an integrated monolithic quad PCM CODEC for PBX/KTS applications* which , > C3 E- i/ 3 CO c- a s « OS S3 t- Ordering information AK2304A AKD2304 , . AK2304A has an op~arop at each analog input (CHI-CR4) . Normally, this op-amp is used as an inverting , KASEi Receive Timing Diagrams it ~ [AK2304A ] VC LE LTLTl BSYKC 2D Bo not c»re , ) AK2304A has an op-arcp at analog input of each channel. Each op-amp can be used as a gain adjustment -
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K2304A 0114-E-QO
Abstract: # KASEI [AK2304A] · · · ( ) · · · 0114-J-00 1996/4 - -
Abstract: 0114-E-00 -12- ASAH1 KASEI 2. [AK2304A] Analog output circuit Each AK2304Aanalog output , that the document prints correctly. ASAH1 [AK2304Al KASEI AK 2 30 4A Piiiiil QUAD , TEST1 TEST2 TEST3 1996/4 -1- ASAH1 KASE1 [AK2304A1 I General Descri lIt `1 ion The AK2304Ais an integrated monolithic quad PCMCODEC for PBX/KTSapplications, which , H Ordering information AK2304A -40-+85°C AKD2304 Evaluation 44pin QFP Asahi Kasei Microsystems
850C k2304
Abstract: AS AHI KASF.I (AK2304A: A K AKM P 2 3 0 4 A PC C D /FILTER CHOLSI « O EC OB V , » s c r i p t i o n The AK2304A is an integrated monolithic quad PCH CODEC for PBX/KTS , AK2304A -40~*85"C AKD2304 44pin QFP Evaluation board 0114-E-00 1996/4 - â  2 , i p t i o n F u n c t i o n Op-araps for input gain adjustment. AK2304A has an op-amp at , -] Note-1 Note-1 1396/4 - 5 - â  QI&BbaS Q Q G 1 5 4 C 2T1 â  I [AK2304Aj AS r UI -
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14-E-00 K2304AJ AK23Q4A R1-10Q
Abstract: # KASEI [AK2304A] IMPORTANT NOTICE · These products and their specifications are subject to change without notice. Before considering any use or application, consult the Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co., Ltd. (AKM) sales office or authorized distributor concerning their current status. · AKM assumes no liability for infringement of any patent, intellectual property, or other right in the application or use of any information contained herein. · Any export of these Asahi Kasei Microsystems