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ADN8820 Analog Devices EDFA and CW Laser Controller Original
ADN8820-REEL7 Analog Devices EDFA and CW Laser Controller Original


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Abstract: Ordering Guide Product ADN8820 ADN8820-REEL7 ADN8820-EVAL Package Description 48-Lead LFCSP 48 , ADN8820. Common-cathode-to-ground and common-anode-to-VDD configurations are also supported. The , Technical Data Table 1. ADN8820-Electrical Characteristics (AVDD = PVDD = 5V, AGND = PGND = 0V, TA = 25 , . ADN8820-Electrical Characteristics (AVDD = PVDD = 5V, AGND = PGND = 0V, TA = 25°C, using typical circuit in Figure 1 , - SPECIFICATIONS1 Preliminary Technical Data Table 1. ADN8820-Electrical Characteristics Analog Devices
LFCSP-48 CP-48 opo 7 cp Dual Wave laser diode edfa C02747-0-4/03
Abstract: not connect directly to the ADN8820. The logic levels are inverted through Q4 and Q5 and connect to , across the top row to shutdown the ADN8820. The jumper is only one of the ÷2, ÷4, or ÷8 labeled rows to , CSP and CSN pins on the ADN8820. RSN1 is 50 m, which results in the LIO output moving 1 V per amp of , -670 Figure 4 shows an enlarged view of the surface-mount components around the ADN8820. The board does not , . ADN8820-EVAL v2.0 Silkscreen Figure 8. ADN8820-EVAL v2.0 Ground Plane Figure 6. ADN8820-EVAL v2.0 Top Analog Devices
AN-670 RLP2 edfa raman amplifier edfa evaluation-board AN04402
Abstract: Offers More Features at Lower Cost I ADN8820 LOOP SET POINT PD1 TIA CG LOOP TIA CLD LOOP TIA CCP LOOP CURRENT SENSING CC LOOP PDL LPG PD3 Additionally, the ADN8820 , OUTPUT FILTER LASER DIODE CP0 CS LIO The ADN8820, a CW (continuous wave) laser controller , ADN8810 ADN8820 ADN8830 Clock and Data Recovery IC Transimpedance Amplifier Limiting Amplifier , alarm trigger resistor values. The device can also be used to set the TIA gain of the ADN8820 CW Analog Devices
ADN2812 AD8820 AD8015 Circuits tunable lasers diode applications AD8015 ad8810 ADI-5225 F-92182 56-LFCSP OP-NET-MARCH-2003 SB02795-130-3/03
Abstract: AD8304 AD8305 ADL5306 ADL5310 ADN8810 ADN8820 ADN8830 ADN8831 CONTROL AND MONITORING ICs ADC Analog Devices
SFF-8074 LFCSP-24 ADN2870 LFCSP32 LFCSP24 AD8066 SFP/SFF-8472 AD7621--T SFF-8472 FIBER-OPTIC-FEB-2004 SB04580-77