ADC5214H/B Datasheet

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ADC5214H/B Intech Advanced Analog High Speed 12-Bit A/D Converters Scan


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Abstract: OUT 20 BIT 8 OUT PIN 0.190 MAX 0 0 1 0 X 0 018 B KO VAR Pins (3,8) } FUNCTION , 02048-1194/TEL (508) 339-3000/TLX 174388/FAX (508) 339-6356 1n ID IC T B . ADC-5210 SERIES ABSOLUTE , 0 to + 70°C - 5 5 to + 125°C ADC-5214 ADC-5214H + 5V ±5V External External 0 to -
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ADC5212 7400N ADC-5212 ADC-5212H ADC-5215 ADC-5215H ADC-5216
Abstract: accurate and complete, b ut IC MASTER cannot assume responsibility for inaccuracies, omissions, m , _PART N U M B E R GU I D E _ I _ PART N U M B E R I NDEX _ I MA S T E R S E L E C T I , examples: W ho makes a TTL 4-b it binary full-adder w ith look-ahead carry? All functions are listed , appear in this section, b o th in the initial selection guide and the data pages, are inclu d e d in the , to A nalog Converters 3139 Part N u m b e r G uide. T h ro u g h o u t the M aster Selection G -
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triac tag 8518 70146 X2864AD vtl 3829 A-C4 philips ecg master replacement guide TCA965 equivalent
Abstract: Microprocessor, 16000 1656-30 B 1657-32 Balanced Mixer 1658-10 3594-1 Microprocessor, 32 1658-36 , 3189-1 12 ® lie MASTER 1985 MSG FUNCTION INDEX Fnctloi Pagi-Lin Fwctin Pagi-lin B (Contâ'™d -
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