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Abstract: Philips Semiconductors Product specification Single-chip 8-bit microcontroller 83C552-5 83C552-5; 80C552-5 FOR DETAILED INFORMATION SEE THE LATEST ISSUE OF HANDBOOK IC20 OR DATA SHEET 1. FEATURES · , ) PCA83C552-5 PCA83C552-5: -4 0 to +125 °C (XTAL frequency max. 16 MHz) 2. GENERAL DESCRIPTION The 80C552-5/83C552-5 , instruction set as the 80C51 80C51. Two versions of the derivative exist: · 83C552-5 83C552-5: · 80C552-5: 8 kbytes , microcontroller 83C552-5 83C552-5; 80C552-5 3. ORDERING INFORMATION EXTENDED TYPE NUMBER ROMIess PCA80C552-5-16WP PCA80C552-5-16WP ... OCR Scan

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sot318 pcf83c552-5wp PCB80C552-5-24WP 516wp PCB80C552-5-30WP 80C552-5 PCF80C552-5-16WP PCB80C552-5-16WP 83C552-5 83C552-5 abstract
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Abstract: Utgåva 2005-03-24 Alla artiklar i katalogen finns normalt i lager men det tillkommer och utgår kontinuerligt. För aktuell information om prisvärt industriöverskott / surplus surfa in på: Tel: 08-641 86 30 Fax: 08-641 87 30 E-post: Internet: 2 F-RSÄLJNINGSVILLKOR: Betalningsvillkor: All försäljning sker kontant, mot postförskott eller (efter överenskommelse) mot faktura. Efter fakturans förfallodag debiteras drö ... Original

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transistor SMD W06 100W TDA2030 TRANSISTOR PBD3511 KOR 2310 transistor 7 segment to bcd converter 74c915 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: zn1034e ICM72171 stock no. 87C752-4F28 87C752-4F28 80C552-5-16 87C552-4A68 87C552-4A68 87C552-4K68 87C552-4K68 80C652-12P 80C652-12P 120-047 120-075 120-081 ... Original

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ZN416E Burr Brown part marking TDA2086 FR-U120S smp260wtc 1NA111 stepper motor oki altera EPM7032LC44-15 manual IC 555 nec matrix Vacuum tube display SL443A TDA2086A MOS248 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: px0-1000 87C751-4N24 87C751-4N24 87C751-4F24 87C751-4F24 120-104 120-110 120-053 120-069 87C752-4F28 87C752-4F28 80C552-5-16 87C552-4A68 87C552-4A68 ... Original

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1NA114 Omron Cross Reference din 5480 80c552-5 hengstler 890 PKZM1 Bt252KPJ20 434-071 how to test tda2030 ICM72171 1NA131AP 1na111ap hengstler, 890, 1 702 019 allen-bradley silicone dashpot fluid datasheet abstract
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