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PMP3672 Texas Instruments 6 series Driver for T8 Tube (720mA @ 21) visit Texas Instruments
PMP8449 Texas Instruments LED driver for T8 tube, 15 watt 277Vac input visit Texas Instruments
PMP6306 Texas Instruments 12 Series Driver (430mA@42) for T8 LED Lighting Tube visit Texas Instruments
PMP4362 Texas Instruments 220VAC in 28W Non-Isolated T8 Tube LED Driver Solution visit Texas Instruments
PMP8002 Texas Instruments TPS92310 - 220VAC, 22W Non-isolated LED Driver with PFC for T8 Tube Application visit Texas Instruments
PMP8007 Texas Instruments TPS92314 - 220VAC, 120VLED, 21W Non-isolated LED Driver with PFC for T8 Tube Application visit Texas Instruments

6w6 tube

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Abstract: 12W6-gt APPLICATIONS 6W6-GT 12W6-GT 25W6-GT ET-T1339 Page 1 1-56 DESCRIPTION AND RATING The 6W6-GT is a , amplifier in television receivers. It is also extremely useful as an audio-frequency power-output tube. In this application the 6W6-GT is capable of delivering relatively large power output at low plate supply voltages and features high power sensitivity and high plate efficiency. The 6W6-GT, 12W6-GT, and 25W6 , employ 600-milliampere, series-connected heaters. GENERAL ELECTRICAL Cathodeâ'"Coated Unipotential 6W6
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6W6GT 6w6 tube 6w6gt tube 12w6gt tube 6w6gt 12W6 B6-81 B6-84 B7-59

July 2008 QwikConnect

Abstract: July 2008 into a groove on the connector body. pneumatic contacts Used for pitot tube sensors on aircraft , k k A1 A2 A1 k-9p9 k-9w9 L l-6p6 l-6w6 1 1 A1 2 3 2 20
July 2008 QwikConnect July 2008 M85528/1 Qwik Connect rockwell collins connector MS3143H MIL-DTL-83513 D38999

MT 6325

Abstract: 790-026P these â'gasâ' pitot tube contacts snap into any size #12 contact cavity and are designed for air , pressure for p 100 re pitot tube applications. Float Mount Connectors 790-050P connectors are , cavities. Ideal for pitot tube connections, these pneumatic contacts are rated for 100 PSI maximum air , Pin Contact Contact Type Tube I.D. Pin Socket .094 (2.38) .094 (2.38) Part Number , 17 33 43 #23 CONTACTS K A1 A2 A1 1 A1 2 L-6P6 L-6W6 4 4 5
MT 6325 790-026P D-61449
Abstract: -7 1 x 10 -11 1 cc/3000 years Close up of gas tube assembly undergoing helium leak test Glenair
MIL-DTL-24308 1X10-7 1X10-10 MIL-DTL-38999 MIL-DTL-26482