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Abstract: Preface Thank you for your continuing loyalty to Fujitsu's semiconductor products. Electronic equipment is continually becoming smaller, lighter, and less expensive while also growing more advanced in terms of function and performance. As a result, applications for semiconductor devices such as IC and LSI are rapidly increasing. Given this environment, package technology is rapidly increasing in importance. Fujitsu is working hard to develop packages that permit improved mounting efficie ... Original

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IC297 PC MOTHERBOARD CIRCUIT diagram pga 370 Enplas drawings AU 7842 64 PIN IC189 TSSOP YAMAICHI SOCKET DIP008-P-0300-1 smd p08 YAMAICHI ic234 fpq-144-0.5-03 smd code 38P SMD transistor M05 pitch 0.4 QFP 256p datasheet abstract
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Abstract: To Top Contents Safety Precautions 1 Introduction to Packages 1.1 Overview 1.2 Package Lineup 1.3 Package Forms 1.4 Package Structures 1.5 How Package Dimensions Are Indicated 1.6 Package Codes 1.7 Marking 1.8 Future Trends in Packages 2 Package Mounting Methods 2.1 Overview 2.2 Mounting Methods 2.3 Surface Mounted Plastic Package Reliability 2.4 Storage 3 Package Lineup 3.1 Package Forms and Number of Pins 3.2 Package Lineup 4 Package Outline Diagrams Package Outline Diag ... Original

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PC MOTHERBOARD CIRCUIT diagram pga 370 Texas Instruments epoxy Sumitomo qtp socket fujitsu Analog devices smd marking code m01 marking code smd semiconductor fujitsu marking code smd fujitsu smd marking m05 L QUAD Aluminum nitride LGA 1155 Socket PIN diagram pitch 0.4 QFP 256p MARKING CODE SMD IC A08 datasheet abstract
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