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PCA9558PW-T NXP Semiconductors 8-bit I2C and SMBus I/O port with 5-bit multiplexed/1-bit latched 6-bit I2C EEPROM DIP switch and 2-kbit EEPROM - # of Addresses: 2 ; # of Outputs/Latched Outputs/Internal EEPROM Registers: 511 ; I2C-bus: 400 kHz; Max Sink Current per bit: 25 mA; Max Sink Current, per package: 100 mA; Memory size: 2 kBits; Number of bits: 8 ; Operating temperature: 0~70 Cel; Operating voltage: 3.0~3.6 VDC ri Buy


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Abstract: Prices Guaranteed Until July 31,1998 Catalog 594 Search Products Suppliers New Products CD Only Products How to Order Web Site Help Select an Option Main Menu New Products Help See pages 194 and 196 for new Trimmer Potentiometers. See pages 41 and 42 for new EEPROMS. See page 44 for new BASIC Stamps. See page 177 for new Chip Resistors. See pages 211 and 215 for new Capacitors. See page 217 for new Electrolytic Capacitors. a AL ... Original

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