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germanium power devices corporation

Abstract: Germanium Power Devices 3T47375 G0G0731 b=î4 l ü l Germanium Power Devices Corporation G -« *. M k t,. High Reverse Énergy/Ultra-Low Vp PRELIMINARY SPECIFICATIONS G 15S 20 ^ "*Ls°U J î 5 S ^ ! i _ | MAXIMUM RATINGS: IF (avg) IFM IFSM VRWM R0jc Ti IRRM 20 A Average forward current rectangular waveform 40 A Peak rectified forward current 50%duty cycle 300 A Peak one cycle (non-repetitive) surge current 60Hz 20V Working peak reverse voltage 1.5°C/Watt Thermal resistance, junction to case -55°C to 125
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400AMPS germanium power devices corporation Germanium Power Devices G15S20 Germanium power
Abstract: ) Germanium Pnwp>r nevires r.nmoration â  3T4737S 00CQ713 b7T â  1 3T47375 QDQG714 SOS -
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GEP600 GEP700 GEP800 MIL-45208 MIL-S-19500 MIL-STD-883
Abstract:   3T47375 0G007E4 454 â  GAV30 GAV50 GAV60 GAV100 G Multiplication Characteristics Dark Current -
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300MH IL-45208 IL-S-19500


Abstract: S20E 1400 1800 WAVELENGTH (nm) GERMANIUM POWER D E VI CE S SDE D 3T47375 00G0S3b T FIG
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GM10HS S20E GM2HS Germanium itt GM7HS D000535 019DIA


Abstract: DTG-2400 6ERMANIUH POIilER DEVICES b3E ]> â  3T47375 â¡â¡0GSfl4 Gb7 â GP» GERMANIUM POWER TRANSISTORS I CURRENT GAIN SATURATION VOLTAGES I Type Case Vcao ycio Vebo VcER K'ii hâ'ž yâ'ž @ ic ^c£
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SDT1909 SDT1910 2N4276 2N4277 2N4278 DTG-110B DTG-600 DTG-2400 DTG110B DTG-1010 sc103 MT-23 SDT2008 MT-22 SDT2009


Abstract: 2n3618 ICminer.com Electronic-Library Service CopyRight 2| 11 3T47375 OOOObfiO 3T2 GERMANIUM POWER TRANSISTORS
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2N457 2N457B 2N458 2N458A 2N1160 2N3611 2N3614 2n3618 2N5901 2N3612 2N3616 2N5887 2N1137B 2N1138 2N1138A 2N1138B 2N250A 2N251A

applications of ujt with circuits

Abstract: UJT 2N491 .01010 â  3T47375 â¡â¡â¡â¡73Û T41 â  506-475-5982-fax 506-470-1512 Powered by ICminer.com
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2N489 2N494 applications of ujt with circuits UJT 2N491 applications of ujt ujt firing circuits of scr UJT specification ujt transistor 2N494AB 2N491B 2N492 2N492A


Abstract: 2N1377 Value 5 G e r m a n iu m P o w e r D e v ic e s C o r p o r a tio n I 3T47375 00001,74
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2N1414 2N1377 2N526 2N1373 2N508 2N1309 28UNF NS257


Abstract: 2N1671 506-475-5962 â'" fax 506-470-1512 3T47375 â¡â¡â¡â¡740 bT7 â  2. Powered by ICminer.com
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2N1671 2N1671A 2N1671B 2N1671C 2N1671-2N1671A 160 germanium transistor 370MAK 2NI67IA-2NI67IB