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CS210013-CZZ Cirrus Logic IC PLL CRYSTAL GP visit Digikey Buy
CDB4207 Cirrus Logic CS4207 Evaluation Board Low Pwr,4/6 HD Aud Codec w/HP Amp visit Digikey Buy
CDB4364 Cirrus Logic Evaluation, Design Tools Eval Bd 6-Ch DAC w/DSD visit Digikey Buy
CDB5366 Cirrus Logic Evaluation, Design Tools Eval Bd 114dB 6-Ch ADC w/TDM visit Digikey Buy
CS181002-CQZR Cirrus Logic DSP - CobraNet IC CobraNet Audio Networking Processor visit Digikey Buy


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Abstract: NAME DESCRIPTION 27, 28 20, 21 RTCX2, RTCX1 RTCX2, RTCX1 -Timekeeping crystal. A 32.768 KHzcrystal -
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80C52 DS87C530 DS83C530 8051s Digital Alarm Clock using 8051 digital clock with alarm using 8051 DS87C530/DS83C530 52-PIN
Abstract: '" Crystal or ceramic filter (external clock also enabled) â'" 32.768 kHz-crystal subclock Instruction -
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D404720/H D4074720 HD404720 HD4074720 HMCS400- HD404729
Abstract: l. Connecta32.768 KHzcrystal between RTCX2 and RTCX1 to supply the time-base forthe real-time clock -
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4K diode DALLS006
Abstract: Built-in oscillator â'" Crystal or ceramic filter (external clock also enabled) â'" 32.768 kHz-crystal -
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HD4074729 FS12 SCR imo un 1133 mr 4720 HD404720S 1134 dimmer circuit smr-b
Abstract: possible) â'" 32.768 kHz-crystal subclock â'¢ Instruction cycle time: 0.89 to 10 us 44^b204 004=1164 DBb -
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HD404728 BTS dimmer fs r6a CIRCUIT DIAGRAM MIS-13 AVAL DATA PKW 1100 Driver PKW-3100 vfd segment DP-64S FP-64B D04R2
Abstract: ocsillator (an external clock is also possible) - 32.768 kHz-crystal subclock Instruction cycle time: 0.89 -
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404729S 4074729 PAS 32U 404728 diagrams hitachi ecu
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