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EP1000 GE Critical Power Single Phase, Hot-Pluggable, Fan Cooled SPS Rectifier visit GE Critical Power
GP100H3R48TEZ-IN GE Critical Power GP100 6 kW True Three Phase Rectifier, 110A rectifier with isolated RS485 communications 48V visit GE Critical Power
ACE333ZO-1A GE Critical Power ACE3000, 3 Bay / 9 Kilowatt Power Shelf, Phase: 30, Front End, Polarity: Positive, Bus Bar Backplane Connector, RoHS Compliant visit GE Critical Power
ACE333T-1A GE Critical Power ACE3000T, 3 Bay / 9 Kilowatt Power Shelf, Phase: 30, Rectifier, Polarity: Positive, Bus Bar Backplane Connector, RoHS Non-Compliant visit GE Critical Power
ACE303NZO-1A GE Critical Power ACE3000, 3 Bay / 9 Kilowatt Power Shelf, Phase: 10, Front End, Polarity: Negative, Bus Bar Backplane Connector, RoHS Compliant visit GE Critical Power
ACE303TN-1A GE Critical Power ACE3000T, 3 Bay / 9 Kilowatt Power Shelf, Phase: 10, Rectifier, Polarity: Negative, Bus Bar Backplane Connector, RoHS Non-Compliant visit GE Critical Power

3-phase motor drive dvd

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dc motor for 5v

Abstract: 3-Phase PWM Motor Driver IC Analog and Mixed Signal Motor ICs Description Part Number # of Drive Control Channels , DVD Player 48-QFPH-1414 Tray FAN8037 4CH BTL Driver + 3CH DC Motor Driver 7 Linear , 13.2 DC/Actuator DVD Player 48-QFP-1010 Tube FAN8082 DC Motor Driver 1 Linear 7.0 , to 7.0 Step Camera 14-SOP TnR FAN8400BD3 3-Phase BLDC Motor Driver 1 Linear 20 to 28 BLDCM LBP 28-SSOPH-375SG2 Tube FAN8400BD3TF 3-Phase BLDC Motor Driver 1
Fairchild Semiconductor
FAN8000D dc motor for 5v 3-Phase PWM Motor Driver IC dc motor DC to 3Phase converter 5CH BTL Motor Drive IC 28-SSOPH-375 FAN8000DTF FAN8001BD FAN8001BDTF FAN8004

DVD optical pick-up assembly

Abstract: sanyo OPTICAL PICK-UP DM-HD60S page1 of 24 DVD MECHANISM SPECIFICATIONS MODEL:DM-HD60S , These specifications apply to optical drive unit " DM-HD60S"for DVDs & CDs. These specifications are , measuring equipment for mechanism Evaluation disc ALMEDIO SVD-2001(DVD/CD) Manufacture by ALMEDIO Http://www.cosmictec.com Ver:1.1 DM-HD60S page4 of 24 3 BASIC SPECIFICATIONS 3.1 DVD , remarks 1.8 x (1 ± 50%)V E-F E-F phase difference 180°± 60° (deg) Laser current 75mA
Guang Dong Cosmic Digital Technology
DM-HD60 DVD optical pick-up assembly sanyo OPTICAL PICK-UP rf-300c Mabuchi Motor sf hd60 SF-HD60 PLF3DV340 PLFXDV340 PLFXDV341 HD90DV340 HD90DV341


Abstract: R2S30208SP Loading Motor ; C03 ; Stepping Motor â'¢ Sensor less drive system dispense with holl sensors for , phase Sensor less moter U phase ^Center point W phase I8Ã"IIIâ'"Motor Drive IC Development Loadmap , drive X12 X12 X12 - 6 Pulse or 18 Pulse/ Revolution DC Motor R2S30208SP* NO PWM or Short PWM drive , Motor Sensor less Spindle + 5ch Actuator R2S30201FP YES PWM or Short PWM drive PWM drive Bi-Directional , DC Motor or Sensor less Spindle â Mich Actuator R2S30213SP* NO PWM or Short Voltage drive (PWM Amp
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M63043FP R2s30202fp R2S30207SP r2s30206sp r2s30201 R2S30200FP RJJ01 F0004-0500


Abstract: lc87f5cc8a /RW Drive Development Chipsets 06 DVD-Dual System Chipsets Devices 08 Single-Chip DVD-Dual , and Devices Required by DVD -ROM/R/RW and CD-ROM/R/RW Products Devices 52× Playback, 52× 12 , Flash Microcontrollers with On-Chip USB Interface Engine 28 PC-Related Motor Driver ICs 14 15 s , you intend to use. A separate manufacturing license based on the DVD standards is required when creating a new DVD system product. s Information (including circuit diagrams and circuit parameters
SANYO Electric
sf-p151 lc87f5cc8a DVD read writer circuit diagram DVD read writer BLOCK diagram SF-DB10 la9246 EP94E MUTE34 MUTE56 LA6566 HSOP36R LA6590

built 50 V dc motor drive circuit

Abstract: bldc motor driver circuit POWER ICs MPC17517 FACT SHEET 17517 0.46 (TYP) 3-PHASE BRIDGE MOTOR DRIVER The 17517 is a monolithic 3-phase bridge brushless DC-motor driver that is ideal for use in portable electronic applications to control small BLDC motors found in Camera Lens Shutters and Optical Disc drives (MO, DVD, and , , DVD, and CD) The 17517 is a 6.8 V H-Bridge motor driver with enable and tri-state bridge control , electronic battery powered applications? · Do you need to control a small 3-Phase BLDC motor in a 3.0 V or
built 50 V dc motor drive circuit bldc motor driver circuit motor driver for dvd motorola driver motor high voltage 3-phase motor driver ic MOTOROLA brushless dc controller SG1002/D 17517DTB 17517DTBR2 MPC17517/D MPC17517FS/D

dvd MOTOR CONTROL sensor

Abstract: dolby digital dts decoder Complete line-up Complete line-up to When a set-top function exists 2-Phase Motor Pre-Driver , 2 7 6 1 4 Power Supply Unit Drive Unit / Mechanism Unit Display Unit , 3 1 2 3 5 1 DVD Player /Recorder Audio TV Model Number 2 4 , Motor ICs Mixer and Oscillator for TV Tuner * Motor ICs Single-Phase DC Motor Driver Motor ICs Stepper Motor Driver Motor ICs H Bridge Driver Video ICs Output
NJU7357 dvd MOTOR CONTROL sensor dolby digital dts decoder audio limiter ic Lip Sync Delay ICs rf communication POWERFUL AUDIO IC NJM3414 NJM2386/87 NJM2641 NJM3717 NJM2675


Abstract: AN8782sb ) built-in AN8783SB h as cu rren t feed back circuit CD player m otor, Actuator drive CI) player motor , dedicated-circuit for loading motor. CD/CD-ROM DVD/DVD-ROM HSOP042-P-04001B81 AN8730SB 2.7 to 5.5 500mA , AN8208S AN8202S Fan motor driver 4.4 to 6 300mA FDD stepping m otor drive SOP018-P-0300A B68 , stepping m otor O N /O F F pins, PNP-NPN com plem entary full bridge drive I)C fan-motor drive by 2-phase , General Purpose Linear ICs Motor Control Series (continued) Category Type No. Peak
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AN8781SB AN8818SB AN6652 AN8782sb AN8202 AN8254s AN8377N HDIP016-P-0300 AN8387S AN841 AN8780SB

Philips stepper motor

Abstract: dvd spindle motor driver brushless SA56203(S) One-chip motor drive IC for CD / DVD The compact and efficient SA56203 motor , ) One-chip motor drive IC for CD / DVD w w w. s e m i c o n d u c t o r s . p h i l i p s . c o m HU , . Semiconductors The SA56203 is a one-chip motor drive IC capable of driving all the motors in DVD+RW/-RW and CD-RW systems. It incorporates a 3-phase brushless, hall-commutated spindle motor driver, 2-phase sled stepper motor driver, and 4 linear channels for the disk tray and 3D actuators in the optical pick up
Philips Semiconductors
Philips stepper motor dvd spindle motor driver brushless 3 AMP STEPPER DRIVE IC STEPPER MOTOR DRIVE 4 AMP stepper motor philips 3-phase motor drive dvd SA5603 SA56203STW

mitsumi dc motor r-14

Abstract: mitsumi stepper motor MITSUMI 7CH Motor Driver for DVD Writing MM3137XV 7CH Motor Driver for DVD Writing Monolithic IC MM3137XV Outline This is a 7ch motor driver for DVD writing. It incorporates Mitsumi's own , the industry's smallest package (TSSOP-56). Features 1. 7ch motor driver 2. Silent drive method , (TSSOP-56) Package TSSOP-56 Applications 7CH motor driver for DVD writing 7CH Motor Driver , . capacitor for int. oscillator 7CH Motor Driver for DVD Writing MM3137XV MITSUMI Block Diagram 2
mitsumi dc motor r-14 mitsumi stepper motor 24v linear stepper motor driver dc motor schematic Motor Driver Circuit schematic 12V pump motor 12v OUT188

Laser Head for CD DVD

Abstract: laser pickup lens alignment Laser printer Motor driving the recording head CD / DVD Player Encoder Recording Head Side of , Channel B, are characterized by their quadrature relationship. As shown in Figure 3, there is a phase , determined by the phase relationship between the two outputs. When the codewheel rotates / codestrip moves , is achievable. Figure 3. Quadrature characteristics of Channel A and B. Figure 4. Phase lead , integrated to a motor in order to detect motor rotation. Alternatively, the encoder is employed as a
Avago Technologies
Laser Head for CD DVD laser pickup lens alignment automated wheelchair circuit United Detector Technology Photodiodes Optical encoder Sensor CD Pick-Up head AEDR-8400 AV01-0140EN

brushless CD DVD

Abstract: pwm c code 3phase VM MCU 3-Phase Motor VDD VDD 17559 3-Phase Motor DC Motor DC Motor GND , Optical Disc Drive (MO, DVD, and CD) Output Current · DSC, DVC · Robotics TYPICAL VALUES 2 ch , simpler system · Low quiescent current · Two H-Bridges and two three Phase Motor Driver outputs , Analog Products Fact Sheet Power Actuation MPC17559 Micromotor Driver with Dual 3-Phase and Dual H-Bridge Outputs DESCRIPTION H-Bridge Motor Drivers 17559 SIMPLIFIED APPLICATION
Freescale Semiconductor
SG1002 SG187 brushless CD DVD pwm c code 3phase motor DC Three-Phase Brushless DC Motor Controller IC brushless motor three phase driver H-Bridge MPC17559EP/R2 MPC17559FS


Abstract: HSOP042-P-0400 ICs for Motor AN8481SB Spindle motor driver IC for optical disk s Overview The AN8481SB is a high performance IC suited for driving a spindle motor of an optical disk such as CD-ROM, PD, DVD , Applications · High speed CD-ROM drive · PD, DVD, CD-R, CD-RW drives HSOP042-P-0400 1 AN8481SB ICs for Motor PG 28 FG 9 A3 25 A2 26 A1 27 22 20 VM CS1 s Block , Seating plane 0.1±0.1 · Adopting the 3-phase full-wave soft switch system · With switching
swg 19

DVD optical pick-up assembly

Abstract: OPTICAL PICKUP PANASONIC CD develop and leverage its unique IP in the next generation of CD and DVD drive designs. Through licensing , unchanged and remains industry standard CD or DVD. Mechanical elements of the disc drive are not changed , (DVD) performance level. Most industry experts believe that single beam optical drive designs are , company that produces high performance CD-ROM and DVD optical drive designs. Zen has an affiliate in Tel , designs for components and software. By leveraging existing CD and DVD format standards (known for broad
Zen Research
OPTICAL PICKUP PANASONIC CD CD laser pickup assembly DVD pickup assembly sony dvd pick-up head DVD laser pickup assembly hitachi optical pickup

11 pins dvd player motor

Abstract: CTL116 MITSUBISHI M56781FP 2-CHANNEL ACTUATOR MOTOR DRIVER DESCRIPTION PIN CONFIGURATION (TOP VIEW) The M56781FP is a semiconductor IC developed as the motor driver used DVD, DVD-ROM, CD-ROM and CD Player. This device include 2 channel BTL drivers and can drive 2 actuators with one IC , 0.95 Output Voltage 1.00 1.05 The voltage range that is able to drive a motor. 2 1 , - DVD, DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, CD-PLAYER IN+ 9 16 CTL1+ FEATURES q Low output saturation voltage
11 pins dvd player motor CTL116 CTL219 VM222 24P2Q-A


Abstract: VM15R MITSUBISHI M56753FP 2-CHANNEL ACTUATOR MOTOR DRIVER DESCRIPTION The M56753FP is a semiconductor IC developed as the motor PIN CONFIGURATION (TOP VIEW) driver used DVD , 0.89 0.95 0.40 1.00 1.05 The voltage range that is able to drive a motor. 2 1 0.12 , device include 2 channel BTL drivers and can drive 2 actuators 2 35 VCC2 3 34 MUTE1 , qHigh current drive capability (maximum 0.9A). 9 monitor circuit functions are included
VM15R VM233 36P2R-D VM25R

dvd MOTOR CONTROL sensor

Abstract: 4 mm Vibration Motor New The first to be commercialized! New system low vibration motor IC for optical disks Spindle Motor Drive IC for DVD Write AN41101A Overview Unit: mm Motor Driver IC with phase control system available for high torque and high speed. Efficiently reduces noise, vibration and power , 0.10±0.10 · Phase control system to control basic performance of motor · Balanced high torque and high , 48 A1 DMOS 3-phase bridge 19 1 17 44 A2 38 A3 40 RCS2 46 Thermal shut-down
4 mm Vibration Motor unit of vibration Basic Vibration Sensor 1 Phase PWM Motor drive ic 3 phase MOTOR CONTROL ic motor driver ic HSOP056-P-0300 M00523AE


Abstract: MN88472 ) Minicomponent Stereo Set-(1) CD unit MD unit MD CD MD DSP Motor Dr IC DVD unit DVD CD DSP Motor Dr IC HDD unit DVD DSP HDD Motor Dr IC HDD CTRL Motor Dr IC Cassette unit Tape , AN18164B AN18165B AV-SW Signal source switcher CD/DVD block motor driver Diversity Antenna , -2 Sensor-1 Sensor-2 Sensor input LED LCD drive FAN FAN motor M Motor control , Isolator phototriac LED liquid crystal LED drive Drying fan motor M IPM MN103SFK0K
MN864779 MN88472 AN12947a mip2E2dmy MIP3E3SMY MN6627553 A000021E


Abstract: tc94a92fg Environment & Ecology Safety & Drive Assist HEV/EV M/G Control MCU for 1 Motor TMPM350 , 5V VDD LAMP SOLENOID DRAIN DIAG MPU IPD IN MOTOR RELAY DRIVE Active , / Information & Entertainment Safety & Drive Assist 40 Environment & Ecology CONTEN TS Information & Entertainment 4 CDMP3/DVD 6 IF 8 Bluetooth® 9 4ch Power IC 10 LSI 11 OFDMLSI 12 Safety & Drive Assist 13 14 Visconti
TC94A93MFG TB2926 tc94a92fg TC90105FG TB2915 TC90104FG TB2178FG TMPM330FDW TB2955HQ TC94B90FG TMP92FD28AFG


Abstract: sampling phase detector SPD balance signal output pin 73 SLD O Sled motor drive signal output pin 74 SPD O Spindle motor drive signal output pin 75 FOD O Focus actuator drive signal output pin 76 , DVD SERVO PROCESSOR KS1452 INTRODUCTION The KS1452 is a 1-chip IC of the Digital Servo , , x2, x4, x8), and DVD (x1) · Complete Automatic Adjustment Function (Focus/Tracking Loops input , (20­280Mhz) · 5V single power supply · 80 QFP 1 KS1452 DVD SERVO PROCESSOR BLOCK
Samsung Electronics
sampling phase detector SPD micom dvd sled motor 3 phase ac motor control with dsp dvd lasers PS078


Abstract: cp1w-cif01 Description One 1/4 HP 3G3MX2 Drive, 230 VAC, Single Phase One 1/2 HP 3G3MX2 Drive, 230 VAC, Single Phase One 1 HP 3G3MX2 Drive, 230 VAC, Single Phase EACH 2179.51 2223.73 2294.27 15 MOTOR CONTROL, DRIVES & , Lean Automation Pack: 1 230 VAC, 1 Phase Drive-(3G3MX2) 1 Color Operator Interface-(NV3Q-SW21) 1 , control with an AC Drive (inverter) and motor. Ultra-compact components build a space saving panel with a , -AB015 3G3MX2-AB022 Motor HP 0.125 0.25 0.5 1.0 2.0 3.0 Current Rating (Amps) 0.8 1.6 3.0 5.0 8.0 11.0
3g3mx2-a4015 cp1w-cif01 CP1L-M30DT1-D 5,5 KW 3-phase motor 3G3MX2-A4007 3G3mx2 3G3MX2-AB001 3G3MX2-AB002 3G3MX2-AB004 3G3MX2-AB007 3G3MX2-AB015 3G3MX2-A2001
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